Yacon – Warning! Take It With Caution

Obesity and Diabetes Control

The new craze in the slimming market happens to be Yacon, the medicinal tuber which grows in the Andes Mountains typical to the Peruvian area of South America. Since the effects of this tuber are found, it is used to treat the most horrid diseases of this century such as Obesity and Diabetes. They are horrid, because of the other illnesses that they cause. Now days, the buzz word or the magic word going the rounds all over the internet is Yacon Syrup which is supposed to help relieve these disorders. Most importantly, it has been promoted by none other than Dr.Oz of the Dr.Oz show.

Yacon – Warning! Take It With CautionHowever great the medicine is, it is not without the other effects. Here, we are talking about yacon syrup side effects. The reason why obese people fall for all this temptations is because of the nature of the illness itself. Obesity is such a serious matter as well as diabetes. Somehow these diseases are related. Obese people have the tendency to get diabetes.

The Caution

One has to be very cautious when taking any medication and the same goes for yacon as well. The advice of a physician should be taken before trying the drug. The syrup has to be pure, raw and of the best quality or the good effects of the drug will not be felt. So, one needs caution before trying this drug.

The Side Effects

The side effects are caused mostly because of the poor quality of the drug sold by any marketer who lacks the credibility. Just to sell it to a diet crazy population, who fall for anything that claims to give them a great appearance? Therefore people throw caution to the wind and go about using it only find that weight has not been lost but they started to have other complaints. The side effects are quite grave. The leaves of the tuber are considered toxic, can be a cause of renal failure.

The syrup, if not manufactured in good conditions might be denatured and the effects will not be had. If it is spurious, and filled up with other chemicals which may be very dangerous to human health. The medication may be added with preservatives and other ingredients which may be harmful for health. The original herb may be adulterated and cause serious side effects more harmful than obesity or diabetes. The root is very expensive and is grown only in certain parts of the world which may be hard to get.

The other side effects could be Diarrhea, Cramps, Flatulence and Nausea. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this may also work for certain degree for a certain amount of time and then the weight comes back which emotionally very depressing. Depression because one cannot have it year round and when the medication is stopped, the weight comes back.

Required number of studies has not been conducted to certify or confirm the actual and real effects of the root for the two diseases. When in doubt, take caution. There may be a few benefits but in the absence of concrete evidence, we need to be forewarned.

Celebrities are endorsing the syrup which is very attractive, yet the results may vary from person to person. If the syrup is heated too much, the taste is changed and very unpleasant to consume.

All these precautions are to tell the prospective users to take it after consulting a physician who is specialist in obesity management or a diabetologist. There is nothing like an ultimate drug for obesity cure where you have to combine with proper exercise and food habits. Yet it may help to achieve a better result in losing weight. Before trying the drug, read the yacon side effect. Then use it with caution.