Wrinkles: Hindrance Of Good Appearance

Nobody in the universe can tolerate and accept aging and the most apparent effect arrives in the form of visible wrinkles. A fine line or crease is observed on the surface of the epidermis (skin). Even though some age more gracefully than the others, the problem continues in one and all. Lots of doctors testify that muscle contractions aggravate formations of wrinkles.

There are countless causes of aging, but it is believed that aging is more or less a root through genetic. Our skin cells can divide and reproduce themselves. However with age, this development slows down and as a result the skin loses the power of constructing elastin and collagen. These are very indispensable for the flexibility in the skin. As a result the skin loses its elasticity and onset of sagging and loosening is been visible. One can perceive the formations of crease and the skin loses its capacity to absorb moisture and retain it within the cells. Inadequacy of moisture directly influences the production of oil and sweat in the skin. It becomes scaly and even wounds and scars take more time to restore to health.

Repetitive facial expressions cause muscle contractions. As the elasticity of the skin diminishes, the skin cannot rebuild itself. As a result of repetition in the facial expressions reduce the capacity of the skin to spring back. You will notice deep lines and wrinkles if you have a habit of frowning. You will notice frown lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles in the area of the eyes. Sun’s destruction is a perpetual cause of aging and wrinkles. Human skin is exposed to the deadly ultraviolet rays. If you are constantly exposed to harsh sunlight and rough weather conditions, then your skin will take the look of premature aging.

Ultraviolet rays are deadly as they reduce the capacity of the skin to heal. The skin produces metalloproteinases enzymes which help in the production of collagen. If the enzymes break down, it helps in the formation of a huge number of elastin. These bring about solar scratch mark. Smoking is the third most chief cause of aging. If you have been smoking for more than a decade, then it will definitely affect the process of aging making it faster than normal.

The chemical stuffing make the epidermal layer of the kin narrow. It influences the making of elastin and collagen and delays the flow of oxygen and other vitamins to the cells of the skin. As the skin lacks in protein, it takes a sagging look. Using various wrinkle creams will surely help to slow the process of aging and wrinkle formation.