Why Lips Get Chapped?

Editor Review:

Dreadfully chapped and non-cushy lips are not only painful but they make you look unpleasant! You are seeking for ways to cure your chapped and non-cushy lips and to achieve a plumper lips. However before you start buying any medication for your condition, you should find out what as to what is the cause of it. However, attempting to find out the cause of severely chapped lips is never easy and it requires much research. Here are some causes:

  1. One of the most common factor that contributes to lip problem is toothpaste. Why it contributes is that, as most toothpaste contains different types of chemical, which may cause a contact allergy. So you may want to consider switching to another brand of gentle and chemical free toothpaste.
  2. The lipsticks that you use may contain an ingredient called propyl gallate which can cause a allergic reaction.
  3. Orange juice or any other juice from citrus fruits can irritate your lips. Can you believe that a photo-toxic reaction to citrus juices can occur that can
    result in roughened lips?
  4. One common allergen is the red dye that is found in many products that we all use and eat. For examples, candies, lozenges, gum, mouthwash, etc. all of these may contain red dye that may cause allergies which result in your chapped lips.
  5. Various other lip care products besides lipstick are also a point of interest when it comes to pin-pointing allergic reactions. Many contain Phenyl Salicylate which may be the cause.
  6. Too much vitamin A may also be the culprit behind your peeling lips. If you are taking in excessive quantity per day then this could the cause of your lip problem.
  7. A common spice found in many of our food that can cause allergy is cinnamon. Cinnamon flavoring can cause lip chapping and it is found in candy, gum, mouthwashes, etc.
  8. Consuming too much of anything, even if it is healthy can never be a good thing! Eating in much quantity can also cause your allergic reaction due to photo-toxicity.

So, you should try to eliminate each of the possible causes from the list to contracted down and pinpoint the exact cause of your chapped lips. If you want plumper lips you can also go for lip creams, but have a proper exploration of the product that whether it has quality to heal or not.