White Teeth! Just Like That

Who doesn’t want white and shiny teeth? Yes everyone wants it. We struggle a lot to get white and early teeth. Here are some easy home tips that will help you keep your teeth shiny white.
We often feel that only our dentist has a solution over stain teeth. But that’s not true. You can always get shiny teeth with the help of some home remedies.

Lemon And Salt

Paste of lemon fluid mixed with salt can also be used to make your teeth pearly white. It helps to erase the anaemic tint of the teeth. This really works if you do it regularly. Leave the paste on your teeth for some time and wash your mouth after some time. The acidic content of lemon will make your teeth white.

Orange Peel Segment

Very few people know that even inner orange peel segment can be used to whiten your teeth. This may be quit surprising for a few of you. We often throw it. You might have noticed that the back parcel of it is silvery.

Bay Leaves With Orange Peel

If you throw away the peel of oranges, think again. You may not know that if you dry the peel of orange and make a pack with bay leaves you will end up making a teeth whitener that’s really woks.


Use bi-carbonate paste to wash your teeth. It is easily available every where in the market. There are many people who use it to whiten their teeth. They combine the compound with water and gurgle them on a regular basis. It is believed that regular use of this estimate rap empty stain from the surface of the teeth hence; start off teeth whiter and shinier.