What Is The Exact Cause Of Overweight Of Children?

There are numerous reasons which are responsible for overweight of children. Some of the causes that we can predict are malnutrition, lack of physical activity, some genetic factors, or may be the combination of these factors. In very few cases, problems related to medical disorder may arise like endocrine disorder, which may lead to the overweight of a child. To overcome this problem consult to your physician, who may perform some physical exam and will advise you to go through some blood tests, if necessary.

Genetic Factors May Be One Of The Cause Of Overweight

The overweight problem to the child may be heredity. The family genetic hereditary chain may be one of the reason of overweight. Overweight problems may be responsible for the family obesity history, but there were also some cases where not all children belonging to such family history are obese or have overweight problem. Other then genetic factors overweight problem may be likely due to the sharing of the same family behaviors such as eating and activity habits also influence body weight.

Way Of Living

The overall diet of the children, as well as their activity habits influences the weight of the children. Today there are numerous means of entertainment like television, computer and video games which has become common in children. These also contribute to the laziness or dullness of the children. Which may ultimately give rise to obesity? Usually it has been noticed that the average American children spare there time mostly in watching television which otherwise be utilized in doing some sort of physical activity.

Do You Think That Your Child Is Overweight?

If u fear about the obesity or overweight of your child, then it is very important to consult your family doctor. Your doctor is the best person to consult with this problem. Keeping all the records, about the weight, height of your child the physician will match with standard graph of growth, which should be adequate according to the age. To determine the overweight of the children is somewhat difficult as the children grow in irregular manner.

For instant, normally the boys are found to have growth spurt in weight and gain in height later. Preferably let the doctor decide whether your child is overweight and will he or she will grow in the normal growth rate. Any shift from normal growth rate of your child, the doctor wills advice you to make slight changes the family’s eating and activity habits.

How To Give Assistance To Your Overweight Child

Provide assistance:

Make your child feel comfortable with their weight. Children often copy their parents and their parents feeling about them make’s them feel the same. When children are admired by their parents, they feel more affectionate towards them. It is very essential to give them knowledge about the overweight and be friendly with them. Children are likely to become more percussive about their growing weight. For this very cause parents are required to give their full support to the children. They should fetch maximum time for them as they could. They should encourage them in their every activity.

Give Full Attention To Your Family.

Parents should soon study the cause of overweight of the child and should make as much changes in the family’s eating habits, other physical activities. Parents involvement in their every activities make them more strong mentally and they will be willing to accept the good habits. Do not isolate or avoid the overweight child.

Prepare A Healthy Schedule Of Your family’s Activity

Habituate your family to perform regular exercise. Develop good healthy eating habits to maintain good health. Some of the significant methods to enhance the family activities are:

Set a good friendly atmosphere for the children by playing and having fun with them. They are likely to remain joyful and active most of time.

Program various activities for your family which may provide recreation and will restore mental relaxation. Perform regular exercise or plan daily morning walk, Physical activities like swimming, practicing aerobic exercise etc, significantly in the fresh and safe environment.

Be aware of your children’s need and provide moral support to them. Encourage the children to participate in various activities particularly the overweight children, as they become very feel embarrassed due to their overweight.

You can remain active the whole day by performing various activities by avoiding the use of lift, instead walk through the staircase. Make movements of the body in spare time.

Impart Good Knowledge To Your Family

Parents should educate their family and increase their awareness regarding health related diet ant exercise. They should emphasis on regular health diet and walking preferably after meal and in the early morning. The most preferable way to handle health related problems is by consulting good professionals. Clarify all your doubts and encompass those in your daily schedule. This will definitely help you to make your family healthy.