What does Meditation signify?

Meditation is an art with the help of which one can learn the skill to make himself or herself cool and calm. Meditation is nothing but knowing yourself, your soul, your mind and your body. Through meditation one can attain the stage of utmost peace. It helps you to build connection between your mind, body and soul. Meditation is a discovery of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who introduced and taught transcendental meditation to people.

While doing meditation one does not have to do anything. One has to just sit and concentrate on some thing. It may be a word, a mantra, a sound or any thing placed in front of you. Meditation helps you to know yourself better. It purifies your soul and helps your mind to develop.

Meditation is forgetting yourself and understanding your senses. While meditating one experience emptiness, there is no flow of thoughts and emotions in the mind. Meditation is purely an art with the help of which one can control his or her emotions.

Many studies indicate that during meditation, our human body reaches a state of deep rest. Simultaneously, our brain also becomes highly alert but also is resting.
It is found that the person who practices meditation develops his inner strength to fight any stressful situation.

One can meditate anywhere anytime. There is no specific time or place when and where you can meditate. If you want to meditate you just have to sit in a peaceful place and concentrate on any word for eg ‘Om’ only for 20 minutes. You can say meditation is a simple process of concentration of 20 minutes. It is difficult for everyone to meditate for 20 minutes but everybody can try it slowly and develop the art of meditation. You can start with concentrating for 5 minutes and slowly increase the time. Meditation is a simple process of breathing in and breathing out.

Benefits of Meditation

One can make himself happy and peaceful with the help of meditation. Meditation not only helps one to maintain mental health but it also puts a positive effect on your physical health. It not only strengthens your mind but also helps your body to stay away from all the diseases.

There are many psychological and physical benefits of meditation. It helps to improve the health conditions.

Other benefits include:

  • Meditation can help to get rid of addiction of drugs.
  • It helps to increase your life line.
  • It helps to control your stress.
  • Meditation reduces pain.
  • Diseases like cancer and other chronic illness, high blood pressure, heart disease, infertility, psoriasis,

respiratory crises, tension, headaches, ulcers, and insomnia which is a sleeping disorder can be cured with the help of meditation. If not completely, at least to some extent.

Not only physical psychological problems like
Depression, panic attacks etc can be cured to some extent.

There are different types of meditation, mainly:

  • Concentrative Meditation and
  • Mindfulness Meditation.

Now a days people are showing interest to learn meditation and becoming more aware of it. They now understand that, meditation can lead them towards happiness. It will make them optimistic and help you control your anxiety, anger and stress.