What Spinal Decompression Treatments are and Who They Help?

Those who suffer with severe back pain use spinal decompression treatments to help relieve the pain. Back pain may be caused from things like bulged discs; sciatica, herniated discs, numbness in your legs, pinched nerves that cause serve neck and back pain, and degenerative disc disease. Spinal decompression can help alleviate the pain associated with these symptoms. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures available to patients by doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

Decompression Treatments Broadview Spine back pain treatments utilize the Nubax machine, which is a non-surgical procedure that helps alleviate pain by relieving the pressure off your spine and circulating your blood. This type of therapy is used by chiropractors and physical therapists. You are strapped to a computerized table by the hips and thighs facing up or down depending on the doctor’s treatment regimen. The table will them tilt you down towards your head and after weeks of treatment, you will find that the vertebrae in your back has moved back into its proper alignment and you will feel less pain or non at all. Several sessions and a few weeks can provide pain suffers a new way of life. Patients can also use this procedure to prevent pain from the above problems as well. Excessive walking, standing on your feet, and continuous activities can cause less space for fluid to flow through your spinal discs, which in turns causes pressure and possible pain to go into your legs, arms and neck.

If patients have used the non-surgical form of spinal decompression treatments and still feel severe to moderate pain, a doctor may suggest a surgical procedure to help alleviate the pain and/or numbness. This procedure is done as a last resort manner. If a patient has a fracture, tumor, advanced osteoporosis, metal spine implants, abdominal aortic aneurysm, or is pregnant, it will be advised to not continue with this type of treatment as it can cause more problems.

Deciding whether or not you need a decompression treatment can be difficult and may require you to do some research on your own to find out the benefits and problems associated with this type of procedure. Consulting with a chiropractor or your family doctor will help answer the questions you need to decide. Surgical and non-surgical treatments are not for everyone. If pain in your back is persistent and makes it difficult for you to sit, sleep, or more around, then visit http://stopmypain.info/ sciatica to learn more.