Warning! Injections To Cure Dark Circles May Be Risky

In the recent research reports of grim impediment occurring in people who have had soft tissue fillers injected into their eyelids to solve the problem of dark circles under the eyes and also for eyelid aging changes. Even though the companies that manufacture the soft tissue fillers explicitly urge that Doctors do not inject soft tissue fillers into the eyelid area, many Doctors are pay no heed to these warnings and injecting these fillers into the lower eyelid of patients to resolve the dark circles under the eyes.

Eyelid innovation, that is correction of puffy eyes or eye bags around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes are one of the most regular complaints of patients seeking plastic surgery. There is an effective options to correct aging of the eyelid is a plastic surgery procedure known as blepharoplasty. When accurately executed by an experienced surgeon on an fittingly selected patient, the blepharoplasty can give better rejuvenation of eyes.

Lots of people however want to eradicate dark circles under the eye and rejuvenate the eyelid appearance, but want to avoid surgery and are having soft tissue filler injections into the eyelid to plump up the dark circles, unaware from that it can be dangerous also.

The problem nevertheless is that filler injection into the eyelid is, in the public interest, is probably very risky method, and the companies that make the soft tissue fillers recommend against it.

The most important risk is that the filler could be involuntarily injected into one of the blood vessels that feed into or drain the eyeball and if this were to occur the eye could likely be injured and blindness could result.

It has been also seen in some cases the doctors who are performing soft tissue filler injections into the eyelid have had no training in surgery of the eyelids and do not possess the confidential knowledge of eyelid anatomy that is required to be doing invasive procedures on the eyelids. Even the eye specialists under take extraordinary measure when injecting with needles around the eye.

Possibly in the forthcoming years controlled clinical studies will come into existence which will show the benefits and safety of injecting soft tissue fillers around the eyelid. For the moment, yet, the reports revealed from patients who have had complications following this technique are an early warning and should be take note of.

It is highly recommended that patients avoid this technique. There are several other way like eye cream, which also gives remarkable result in healing the dark circles and puffy eyes. They are principally designed to heal dark circles and related problem without and ill effects.