Want To Be Stylish And Timelessly Beautiful?

An immortal beauty is incomplete without great style. To be timelessly beautiful you need to have a great style which is unique. Princess Diana, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, Lucy Liu, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Isabelle Adjani, Marilyn Monroe, to name a few, are so irresistible to men and envied by women the world over. They are great beauties. They are not only beautiful but they also had great style which use to attract everyone around.Over the centuries, women have always want to be beautiful.

Beauty And Style

Beauty constitutes of confidence, self-esteem, strength and intelligence, good grooming and good health. Not to mention style without which beauty is incomplete. Style is the most powerful tool which can make you look irresistibly beautiful. Style commands respect, attention, and adulation. A woman may not be beautiful but she can lift herself above the ret through her unique style. Many women relate style with beauty, wealth or even keeping up with the latest fashion which is incorrect. Style is the ability of a women to develop an image that is truly hers, being brave and daring enough to project that image.

Style-Its Elements

Every woman can have great style. Style has to be cultivated and buying the most expensive clothes won’t necessarily help. To be stylish one has to understand your needs and lifestyle. Understanding yourself and enjoying yourself as a unique person. Style means making yourself as attractive as you can.

Most Important


A well-groomed hair cut which suits your figure attracts instant attention. This will help you establishe you as a woman who cares about her appearance.


It draws attention to your face and can make you appear taller, slimmer, more alive, and more confident.


Your accessories describes your personality. They decide whether you are quiet and discreet, or strong and forceful. While wearing accessories at work, your accessories should always be the best quality, the most you can afford. As style guru Elsa Klensch points out: “a cheap outfit will look expensive with quality accesories but cheap accesories will ruin the most expensive dress.”

Discover Your Proportions With Quick Tricks

First understand and study your proportions whether you’re short, tall, slim, or voluptuous – until you know everything about your figure. Then another important aspect is finding the most flattering colors for you and developing your style.

Important Guidelines

Look at yourself in the mirror. Get a clearer picture of your overall body shape. Study your side and back views as well!
The easiest way to find out whether you are short- or long-waisted without measuring is to gauge the distance from your neck to your waist and from waist to crotch. If the upper half is longer, you’re long-waisted, and vice-versa.

Determine the length of your neck and legs (they play an important part in overall proportion) with these easy steps:
Your neck is short, if you touch your chest easily with your chin. And it’s long, if you have to strain.

If the distance from your shoulders to your crotch is longer than from your crotch to ankles, you’re short-legged.

Dos and Don’ts For Top Heavy Figure

Find the right bra or body suit no matter if you have to spend as much time as is necessary finding . It will make a whole lot of difference. Your best buy is a no-seam bra that offers a natural-looking profile.

Wear jackets with no collar and also try to avoid patch breast pockets. This will help you to get less attention near your bust.
Do not ever wear a tight sweater. Never wear a light top over a dark bottom.

Do not wear wide belts. They’ll make your bustline look even bigger.

Dos And Don’ts For Small-Busted Figure

Try experiment with layering. You can wear a vest over a shirt in cooler weather or a bra-top under one in summer.

You can even dare to go braless in the evening. Small breasts under a sweater look sexier than you can imagine.

Do not forget that with your small bust makes you look great in mannish jackets, and this is a plus if you are climbing the executive ladder.

Do not forget that with your figure you can get away with the most romantic ruffles, wide bertha collars, and peasant skirts.

Dos and Don’ts For Bottom-Heavy Figure

Avoid different skirt lengths. Find the one that is most flattering to your figure and stay with it.

To lengthen your figure, keep pantyhose and shoes in tone with skirts and pants.

Do not choose light colors for skirts and pants. Wear dark colors rather, remember, dark colors make heavy areas look smaller.

Do not stop experimenting with tops. Use them to draw attention to your well-proportioned bust and to flatter your face.

Dos And Don’ts For High-Waisted Figure

Wear one color from neckline to hemline. Opt for a sheath dress whenever possible. It will make you look more beautiful and your figure more slimmer.

Do not your blouse length short. Your best length is exactly where your stomach starts to rise.

Do not wear contrasting belts. Your belt should be narrow one inch wide simply designed and toned to match your pants or skirt.

Dos And Don’ts For Low-Waisted Figure

Emphasize your waist with belts. Contrasting colors will look flattering.

While wearing jackets watch the fit, as they are often too short-waisted. A very fitted jacket will be cut too high. Save your money – it will never feel right on you.

Do not buy skirts or pants with a wide waistband.

Do not prefer a princess-lined or fitted coat; it will only highlight your low waist. It will make your back look longer.

Dos And Don’ts For Straight-Up-And Down Figure

Try to choose skirts, pants and jackets that tie softly at the waist. It will creates the illusion of a waistline.

If your neck is long – try different long scarves and necklaces. These will give a flattering shape to it.

Do not mix too many colors. A soft simple and sober print is best for you.

Avoid wearing tight belts.

Dos And Don’ts For Short-Legged Figure

Always make a point to match your stockings to your shoes and skirts or pants. This will make your legs look more elongated.

Keep your trouser legs slim and straight which will create the illusion of height.

Do not wear cuffed trousers. Even a small cuff will cut your height.

Do not wear skirts below the knee. They’ll only chop you in half.

Dos and Don’ts for Heavy-Thighed Figure

Choose loose-fitting pants and skirts. Wear fitted tops.

Collect tunic-length tops.

Avoid wearing prints, horizontal stripes, or bright colors below the waist. Wearing these kinds of clothes only draws attention to thighs.