Want Shiny Pearly Teeth?

White teeth Wow! They look so beautiful. Everybody want white and shining teeth. They enhance your personality and make you look more beautiful. So if you have stained teeth, don’t worry. This article will help you make your teeth look white and beautiful.Many of us feel that only oral disease or bad oral hygiene is the only reason for stained teeth. You can always consult a dentist for the same. But that’s not the only reason, for preventing your teeth from other reasons. Let us try to find out the reasons which make your teeth stained. Stained teeth make your smile look ugly and reduce your beauty.

It is important to understand the cause of the problem and try to find a long term or cosmetic cure. First let us try to find out various reasons that stain your teeth, related to your eating habits.


Drinking too much of coffee everyday can be harmful. It will make brown stains on your teeth and make them look bad. You should not drink more then 2 cups of coffee a day.


If you are a smoker, then you must try to quit smoking as soon as possible. Because smoking habits is harmful not only for your health but it will also make your teeth yellow. As everybody knows cigarette contains tobacco which quickly stains your teeth. You might have often found that long term smokers have yellow teeth.

Gum Disease

Infection in your gums or having bad oral hygiene can also cause white teeth turn yellow.

Red Wine

Intake of red wine can also stain your teeth. This stain can be only removed with the help of cosmetic cure which can prove to be very expensive.

Dental Care Home Remedies

Here are some home remedies that will help you get white and shiny teeth. If this does not work or the condition is chronic then you definitely need to consult a dentist. Or try a cosmetic dental treatment.

First and foremost is to reduce intake of coffee, red wine and smoking. It will be also helpful to keep you healthy.

Brush your teeth everyday, every 12 hours. Do ensue the bristles are not worn out. Change your brush regularly. Old worn out brushes just cannot brush away plaque forming bacteria and are useless.

You must chew raw vegetables every day. They are a healthy snack and they will also help in cleaning your teeth.

A very tasty and healthy way to get rid of stain on your teeth is to consume strawberries everyday. It bleaches your teeth naturally and contains high vitamin C.

Floss everyday. Stains form easily between teeth and flossing is an easy solution.

Natural Herbal Cure

Put some raw common salt on your tooth paste before you brush. The fine grains of the salt will remove and reduce yellow stains and bring a white shine back to your teeth.

Rub some burnt almond shell powder lightly on your front teeth, twice a day and check the results after a fortnight. You may be surprised!

Another simple home remedy is to rub the teeth with a bay leaf, thrice a week. This seems to work for many people and is inexpensive.

Has Everything Failed? Don’t Worry

Get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished by a dentist.

Go for professional bleaching job after studying the pros and cons of the process.
You can always get white shiny pearly teeth if you want. Just try all these out.