Top 7 Reasons Why Our Eyelashes May Fall Out

Your face is the most prominent feature. While having a conversation, eye contact is a sign of confidence and high self-esteem. As such, eyelashes are quite important. Not only do they add to beauty to our eyes, they also have functional benefits to the eye. They protect our eyes from damage and contamination by insects and other harmful particles in the atmosphere. It is therefore very important to care for and protect our eyelashes.

Causes For Eyelashes Falling Out

Just as all other body hairs fall out at one time or another, our eyelashes are no different. There are varieties of reasons why our eyelashes may fall out. Some are avoidable. However, others are beyond our own control.

Eyelid Infection

Loss Of Eyelashes

This may be because of an infected eye of insect related causes such as the mites. Lack of proper facial hygiene may also lead to eyelid infections. These infections affect the natural remedies for eyelash growth and leads to the falling out of already existing lashes.

Thyroid Condition

An individual may have relatively inactive or overactive thyroid glands. This condition leads to the loss of eyelashes and other body hairs.

Allergies to Mascara

Mascara may contain some ingredients that your body is allergic to. These ingredients may affect your eyelids and lashes. This may weaken them and even lead to them falling off.


This is a treatment for cancer patients. It leads to the loss of hair on the body including the eyelashes.

Alopecia Areata

This is a condition that leads to general body hair loss including the get thicker eyelashes. It is caused by the action of the immune system on hair follicles, which are viewed as an infection to the body. This leads to the prevention of eyelashes from growing.


This is an eye infection. As a result, the eyelashes are affected and they begin to fall off.

Natural Eyelash Loss

Eyelashes may fall off naturally due to ageing

How to Prevent Loss Of Eyelashes?

Hope for the people. There are ways to prevent the longer and luscious eyelashes before the problem occurs. As it is said, prevention is always better than the cure. Below are some of the basic ways in which eyelash loss may be avoided.

By Removing Eye Make-up Regularly

A daily cleansing of the face with emphasis on the eyes is essential to remove all facial and eye make-up. This will open up the skin pores allowing the eyelashes to grow healthily.

Stop Using Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers apply heat on the eyelashes in order to curl them. By doing so, the eyelashes become dehydrated and dry, leading them to breaking off. By avoiding lash curlers, we maintain the moisture in our lashes.

By Avoiding Over Exposing Your Eyelashes To Sunlight

Overexposure to sunlight may damage the eyelids and further lead to dehydration of the eyelashes. It also leads to the weakening of the eyelashes. Keep your eyes moisturized and maintain the moisture by avoiding over exposure to sunlight.

By Avoiding Pulling Out Or Tugging On Your Lashes

Pulling on your eyelashes leads to their breakage and in some instances plucking them from the eyelid. This leads to thinner and fewer eyelashes. By avoiding this action, the eyelashes are allowed to grow long.

Natural Remedies For Preventing Eyelashes From Falling Out

You can prevent your eyelashes from falling out right in the comfort of your home. This is better done using natural remedies instead of medications and other chemical solutions. Home natural remedies may include:

Petroleum Jelly

Various petroleum jellies such as Vaseline are useful in growing and maintaining long lashes. A daily application of petroleum jelly to the eyelids is required before going to sleep. This is done using a clean mascara brush or an eyelash brush. Application of the jelly should be done as closely as possible to the root of the eyelashes. The applicant later washes this off the next morning as she cleanses the face.

Green Tea

Green tea acts as a stimulant to stimulate the growth of hair. The tea used should be cold and unsweetened. The tea is applied on to the lashes with a clean cotton ball. The flavonoids and caffeine present in the tea stimulate and maintain healthy growth of eyelashes.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural oil rich in vitamins and minerals. Applying it to the eyelashes assists them to grow long and thick. The presence of vitamins and minerals make eyelashes healthy and strong. Olive oil moisturizes the eyelashes thus preventing them from being brittle and breaking off.

Eyelash Enhancers

These are substances containing lipids thus enhancing the growth of hair. When applied to eyelashes, they stimulate the growth of the eyelashes.

Using the remedies stated above and others known to have the same effect, we can avoid damaging and losing our eyelashes. However, some causes are regrettably unavoidable. Having said so, it is important to note that general care for the eyelashes is necessary for the growth and maintenance of long lashes even in difficult times.