Top 10 Natural Home Remedies For Lighten Dark Lips

There is absolutely no suspicion about it that natural, beautiful, pink and rosy lips are one of the most alluring features of a female’s beauty or for that matter even a man’s good persona. Apparently, these amazing lips tend to become darkened these days due to lifestyle, environmental conditions and ill habits and no doubts people want to lighten them.

What Causes Dark Lips?

Let’s discuss some major causes of why lips turn dark:

Lighten Dark Lips
  • Excessive exposure to harmful sun radiation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Low quality or expired lip products or cosmetics
  • Tobacco in various forms
  • Smoking
  • High Caffeine consumption
  • Hormonal disturbances
  • Bacterial or fungal infections

Home Remedies For Dark Lips

It’s definitely a matter of care but please do not stress yourself as if you are careful and attentive enough, especially while reading this article, you won’t have to bother your pocket as there are some amazingly effective and easy home remedies we’ll just discuss, in order to achieve those beautiful lightened and rosy lips:

1. Lemon
Lemon has been very effective for treating dark and patchy skin and so it is to lips too. Its bleaching properties are highly fruitful. You can apply lemon:

  • With itself before going to bed
  • With glycerine and massage
  • With honey and massage
  • With sugar and massage

Do this religiously and you’ll see results real quick.

2. Rose
Rose is a natural boon. Its beautiful looks as well as properties are amazing. It is equally good for soothing, colouring, moisturizing and cooling. You can use rose with:

  • Honey, mix well and massage repeatedly.
  • Butter, make a paste and massage.
  • Milk cream, make a paste and massage.
  • Cream, saffron, make a paste, massage and use it as a lip-pack too.

3. Olive Oil
Olive oil has amazing medicinal and healing properties and it is well known. Olive oil is effective to turn dark lips into brighter tones too. Olive oil’s extravagant nutrients will allow your lips to become all the more coloured (pink), soft and of course beautiful. Massage your lips daily with trusted extra virgin olive oil for best results. You can even mix it with sugar and use it as a scrub for good results.

4. Sugar
Exfoliation is an important step for good lips and sugar is the key ingredient you can combine with various other ingredients for exfoliation and scrubbing. It will naturally provide glycogen to lips moisturizing them and as a scrub, removing skin’s dead cells. You can use sugar on your lips with:

  • Butter, making a paste and scrub for natural shine.
  • Honey and almond oil and scrub.
  • Cold cream, scrub and leave in before going to bed.

5. Beetroot
Everyone knows about the goodness of beetroot. It provides the natural pink tint to your lips also lightening them with its amazing bleaching property. Apply it fresh and pure directly or as juice daily for good results. You can also mix it with carrot juice and massage it regularly on your tingling lips for quick results.

6. Pomegranate
Pomegranate has proven medicinal values and when it comes to nourish lips, it has shown great results by providing brighter tone, moisturization and natural pink tint to lips. You can use it with:

  • Milk cream and rose water by crushing it and mixing it into a paste. Apply the same and scrub properly for amazing results.
  • Beetroot and carrot juice. Wipe it off after applying it for 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water.

7. Cucumber
Cucumber is known as a parlour salad. It has been cooling and providing nourishment to so many beauties around the world since so long. It lightens skin and lips too. Rub it on your lips gently and do it regularly for great results.

8. Berries
Berries like raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc hold essential minerals and vitamins that are extremely necessary for healthy and beautifully vibrant lips. You can use berries for lightening your lips with:

  • Aloe Vera gel as paste and massage
  • Honey as paste and massage
  • Petroleum jelly and massage
  • Lip balm and massage

9. Honey
Honey is another popular beautifying and health augmenting ingredient. It can also help lips to restore their natural colour tone and smooth texture. Apply honey at night and leave it overnight and wipe it off next morning for great results. You can mix it with various other agents like milk cream, gram flour, yoghurt, etc and massage or scrub further for effective results

10. Almond Oil
Almond oil is extra nourishing and hydrating agent for lips. You can use it for brightening your lips with:

  • Honey
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Rose petals paste,

And massage it properly for best results.
Nature has provided us amazing ingredients for keeping good health, now it depends on us, what we choose, how we use and what works best for us. Do try these home remedies to attain beautiful bright lips.