Staying Beautiful After 40

I am 46 this year. For the first time it struck me – I am getting older. I don’t attract the attention I use to. My kids think I should ‘dress’ in a certain way. At first I was upset. I expect to be around for decades. I am not ready to look old.

My first reaction was to starve myself and risk my health to remain skinny. This effected my physical and emotional health. My second attempt to ‘stay beautiful’ was to jump into the fitness and health craze. That didn’t do me any harm, but I don’t have the stamina I use to. My third attempt was to take a good long look at myself and start taking care of my skin.

Face it, all our beauty was 99% attitude. The foundation of beauty is skin care. To be beautiful now, you have to have stayed out of the sun, drank lots of water, and stayed away from junk food and smoking and alcohol. Drinking a lot of water is the key. Older skin can have a translucence, but it needs to be well hydrated.

I found a few anti aging creams that help smooth the skin. This is vital. ‘old woman makeup’ is not the fault of the cosmetics, but the skin’s dryness and lack of elasticity. However, anti aging cream does not work along. You need to do face exercises. I do three.

#1 I put my fingers on my forehead and raise and lower my eyes. This has worked well. It lifted the eyebrows and reduced lines around my eyes within a few weeks.

#2 I yawn and stick out my tongue. This tightened the muscles under my chin.

#3 I smile. This is the easiest one.

I found that exercising my face, and drinking water, restored a lot of my skin’s elasticity.  The next step is to steal a trick from the pros – I started airbrushing my foundation on. If the 20 something crowd can keep their glow by airbrushing their makeup on, then why not me? I haven’t bought my own airbrushing kit yet, but I had it done – the results were remarkable. The best ‘benefit’ of airbrushing is that you can smooth the line down your neck.