Some Truth Regarding Wrinkle Treatments

These days anti winkle treatment is very prevalent right now. It look as if each one need a skin care guide or treatments. Here’s a disgusting reality that most of what you listened is a lot of wrong statements or just a cluster of promotional hype.

Skin Care and Sun

Certainly, the sun can bring about damage to your skin. So can poison in your food.  Same way microbes in your water. No body needs these type of self-styled expert to tell us about this. What we require is the reality about what can be done to guard our skin from overexposure to the sun. Is there any authentic anti wrinkle skin care treatment or wrinkle cream that in reality performs positively?

SPF Factor

Nearly all of the skin care guides will let you know to use a sunscreen with no less than a SPF 15. What they don’t reveal you is that SPF factor is possibly destructing your body. You can protect your skin without using any SPF. If you do choose to use an SPF factor, an SPF 15 is sufficient for your skin.

Exposure to ultra violet radiation emitted from Sun

Skin cells speedily exhaust COQ10 when exposed to UV sun rays. CoQ10 is a vitamin-like material that can be found everywhere in the body. C0Q10 devastates what is called free radicals, therefore, it is an antioxidant. The UV rays will cause an increase in the production of free radicals in the body. Too many free radicals can cause a lot of damage to the cells, even skin cells. CoQ10 in an anti wrinkle skin care treatment is thought to struggle off these damaging free radicals.

Breaking off: Micro dermabrasion

These methods removes skin’s outer layer. So the question arises that why are they encouraged? Here’s the truth: They shouldn’t be used. Here’s why: When you get aged, your skin doesn’t get thicker but just the opposite it gets thinner. Scuffing off more skin from already thin skin is just unwise or maybe extreme. That is unless you like sore, red skin marks.

A superior technique is to take a softer route. When you use a hydrating mask it can have a nourishing effect on your face leaving it much velvety and a lot cleaner. What it does is removes the dead cells not the live ones. Any one that tells you to exfoliate, get up and leave. They know nothing about anti wrinkle treatment and nil about skin care guide.

Costly products are not the only option

You would sense that if you pay a lot of money for something it should be the best and do the job in a perfect manner than cheaper priced anti wrinkle products.

Study has shown that many if not most of the top skin care products have very little active ingredients. Don’t let price be your skin care selection.

Believe the Source: Collagen

Collagen, is a regular ingredient that many companies use in their products. It’s not expensive because it comes from sources like cow hide. Also, collagen from sources like this simply doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t work because it just won’t penetrate the skin like it must if it is too be efficient.

The standard wrinkle treatment by many companies is to use disinfected water, paraffin and some sort of fragrance. This treatment will make your skin feel smoother and moist, but it will rob your skin of its natural oils and ultimately it will feel drier than ever. Feeling smoother is not the only end result you want in an anti wrinkle skin care treatment.

Some user found marvelous results, that really want to bring to you a product that you can afford. One that has been studied enough to be efficient. To work properly and truly the wrinkle cream must consist of these under mentioned components.

  • Functional Keratin
  • Sea Algae
  • CoQ10
  • Vitamin E

Functional keratin help out to support an increase of collagen and elastin. Also sea algae will nurture and bear skin cell production along with its elasticity.

CoQ10 and Vitamin E will patch up the harm caused by the sun. A company who really cares about your anti wrinkle skin care will include these ingredients in their wrinkle cream and give surety to you that they are from a quality source.