Simple Way To Learn Meditation

This article will not only tell you the meaning of meditation but at the same time will teach you the true process of meditation. You may  be a beginner or a refresher no matter.
You will learn meditation and you will develop meditation as a powerful tool to assist you to live your lives more simple way i.e. without complications. You can learn the complete process within four weeks. You must practice daily for at least 15 minutes. You should try to select a time and place when and where you can practice daily.

What Does Meditation Mean?

Before learning the process you must know the exact meaning of meditation.
The Oxford Dictionary defines meditation as 1) “Plan mentally, design.
2) Exercise the mind in contemplation (on or upon subject) ”

Wondering what does this really mean?

Meditation simply means focusing your attention on one thing at a time, in order to still the mind from its constant chatter. It helps your mind to increase concentration. You can easily meditate by concentrating on counting your breath, an object or a mantra.

Your mind never wants to concentrate on one thing. It always keep on wandering. you have to keep in mind that your mind should not wander, its your job to bring it back to its point of focus. The art of meditation lies in this ability to bring the mind back to the point of focus, as soon as it wavers

Know Benefits Of Meditation

Benefits of meditation can be seen only through daily practice. You will see that your concentration has increased tremendously and also you feel more relaxed if you practice regularly. You will find that your will-power has increased and your stress seems to diminish. Also you will always feel fresh as you will experience a better and sound sleep. And if you practice it regularly you will discover many other benefits.

Techniques Of Meditation

1) Counting your breath
This meditation follows the flow of the breath whilst counting from one to ten.
Sit straight comfortably. Firstly, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Give attention on your abdominal muscles while you breath. Notice your abdominal muscles expanding as you breathe in, and coming in as you breathe out. Now count  your every breath. Inhaling and exhaling make a single breath so count it till ten. Continue up to ten and then begin at one again. Do not let your mind wander, if at all it does try to bring it back
2) Meditate with the help of mantra
Choose a word whichever you like say for example “om“, taking deep breaths. Now sit comfortably and chant your mantra silently to yourself. Say it again and again in your mind and do not let your mind wander here and their.

3) Meditating with the help of candle
This form of meditation involves holding your gaze on the candle flame. Sit comfortably and place a candle one or two metres away from you. Keep looking at it continuously and remember to blink. Try to study the flame and look at it as if you have never seen the flame before. If your though wander try to bring them back and focus on the flame.

4) Mindfulness of breathing meditation

Here you will have to be aware and sense your breathing.
Feel the sensation of the breath as it flows in and out of your nostrils.  This is not a breathing exercise, it’s an awareness exercise.
Do not let yourself notice other sensation and if at all it happens focus onto the breath.