Saffron Extract Select Review – Does This Supplement Really Work?

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Saffron Extract Select™ is a weight loss supplement currently promoted to be of the highest quality in comparison to other weight loss supplements made with Saffron. The product is advertised to be for those who are serious about weight loss and are not willing to settle with cheap imitations. To back up its claim, the manufacturer of Saffron Extract Select is offering a money back guarantee to any user that is not satisfied with the product.

Saffron is an ingredient that is not new in the kitchen. Cooks have been using it for years to make their food taste and smell better. But recent research has shown that it could also be an excellent appetite suppressant and ever since, the market has been flooded with all kinds of saffron product.

Saffron Extract Select

The manufacturer of Saffron Extract Select tries to differentiate its supplement from others by pointing out that his is made with 100% pure Saffron without any extra filler or binder. Also it’s been manufactured in a recognized laboratory.

It is easy to make claims but they don’t always turn out to be true. In this article we propose to have a closer look at Saffron Extract Select and get a better picture of what it is all about.

Saffron Extract Select Manufacturer

Saffron Extract Select is one of the product that the company HealthBuy has put in the market. HealthBuy is a supplement company that started producing health pills around the year 2002. Today it has an incredible number of products distributed in the market that range from skin care products to teeth whitening kits and sports nutrition.

HealthBuy has joined the Natural Products Association with the idea that it can even further improve the quality of its products that way. The people who work for the company are aware of the responsibility that has been assigned to them and for that reason, they make sure that research that leads to the discovery of new products is done following rules that allow for the development of truly new supplements that can offer something different compared to what competitors are offering.

Saffron Extract Select Ingredients

There is only one ingredient used in the formulation of Saffron Extract Select and that is pure Saffron. Each capsules contains 90 milligram of it. Its role is to suppress appetite.

Saffron works by enhancing the level of serotonin in the body, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood and appetite. Through research, we now know that a low level of serotonin can cause a person to make unhealthy food choices. This can easily be remediated by simply increasing the level of the neurotransmitter Serotonin in the body and that is exactly what is expected of Saffron Extract Select.

What Does Saffron Extract Select Claims To Do?

It is claimed that with Saffron Extract Select, users will be given the power to avoid those calorie loaded snacks. By making healthier food choices, you can hope to see a change in weight within a certain time frame. The supplement is said to help you feel fuller much faster so you don’t have to eat more than what you really need. This is exactly what fast eaters need.

Saffron Extract Select Dosage

The recommended daily dose is 1 capsule twice daily. You preferably want to take the pill some few minutes before eating. You also want to take in 8 oz of water after you take the pill.

Side Effects of Saffron Extract Select

Saffron is a natural ingredient already found in many of the foods we eat. In most cases, you should not endure any side effect while using the supplement. That said for a prolonged use of more than 6 weeks, it is possible that you go through certain allergic reactions. There are reports of people experiencing drowsiness, anxiety and nausea when abusing of the supplement.

Saffron Extract Select Warnings And Drug Interaction

Even though relatively safe, it is not advised for pregnant and breast-feeding women to take saffron in doses higher than what is usually found in food. It can potentially result in miscarriage.

Also, people suffering from bipolar disorder can have their mood affected if they take the supplement. Their behavior can be affected in a negative way.

Is it Safe to Take Saffron Extract Select?

In general, most people willing to try Saffron Extract Select should be fine using it. Unless you have any special illness you should not experience any side effect.


Controlling your appetite is one of the key strategies that can help you lose weight. If you know that the reason why you have been putting on that much weight is because you eat more than what you really need, Saffron Extract Select should be of help. You might want to give it a try.

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