Tips To Make Sure That The Makeup You Bought is Safe for Use

Safe Makeup

If there’s something we couldn’t really live without in the modern workplace, it’s makeup. After all, confident people will need to look their best in order to feel ready to bring their best to what they do.

It comes with the fact that, by looking good, we also feel good about ourselves. The lift we get from this mood allows us to be more productive, more friendly, more… out there!

That being said, we can feel like anything is possible when we have our lipstick and foundation on. Then again, we have to be aware of the types of materials that are contained in our favorite makeup.

For all we know, that lipstick you bought from the store may contain alkaline and other metals—substances that could affect your health in the long run.

So, how do we make sure that the makeup we bought is safe for use? Like any well-meaning consumer, your task is to be informed and be aware of the things that could be hazardous to your body.

That being said, let’s look at some of the tips to help you make a better, well-informed decision.

1. Check the Labels

As much as you like the color of the lip tint you bought online, you will need to know about its contents before you apply it to your lips. It’s a simple matter of checking the packaging for warnings and other labels.

If you have indeed bought the makeup from an online store, make sure to double check the product description. Does it include the materials used in manufacturing the product? See anything that’s not so familiar to you in the description?

Toxic materials such as parabens, BHA, and tar dyes are well known to be major pollutants, so it’s important that you avoid makeup containing these materials. The earlier you know, the easier it is to avoid buying makeup that could bring tons of problems to the fore.

Check Label Before Purchasing
You must check label before purchasing beauty products

2. Check if the Makeup is Tested

Just like any other product, makeup has to go through a stringent quality assurance process to make sure it is fit for the market. Using technological approaches such as x-ray diffraction, makeup companies are able to attest that their products are safe for use.

In fact, they wouldn’t be allowed in the market anyway if the Food and Drugs Administration hasn’t cleared them yet.

On that note, make sure to check if the makeup you’re going to buy is approved by the FDA. In the event that the makeup causes irritation or other such symptoms in the skin, you can run the makeup through lab tests, or report the situation to the FDA.

3. Check the Expiry Dates

The FDA issues a strict policy on placing expiration labels on products, including cosmetics.

One thing’s for sure, expired makeup not only gives poor results, but they can also lead to complications to the skin. The worst case scenario would be irreversible damage, especially to the lips and eyes.

There are several ways to know if makeup has gone bad. Face powder, for one, undergoes caking and parching. Mascara, meanwhile, can go bad after a very long time. If you notice a bad smell, then it may be best to throw it away.