Relieve Your Anxiety And Panic

Relieve Your Anxiety And Panic

Panic and anxiety are emotions that has existence ever since the beginning of time sustained before doctors coined the term “anxiety disorder” or “panic attack” to diagnose a patients’ symptoms. Renewal from an anxiety or panic disorder takes a lot of time. While it’s true that recovering from anxiety disorders is most of the time a solo effort, it will undoubtedly be easier with the help of a strong support system

1. Holding panic and anxiety

You have control but its impracticable to end anxiety and panic permanently . When your child fails to call you and let you know if he or she is ok, then you will panic and fears will emboss your mind. Now, you can run with that fear and panic, while emphasizing over the situation or you can do something about it. Did you call his or her friends? Did you call the school? Did you call everyone your child knows? Did you tell the neighbors? Think before you respond. Oh yes, you have plausible cause to worry, however, your child being late does not mean the worst happen.

2. Outcome of panic

Panic can cause lots of negative things. When we begin to dismay the worst, emotions erect within us and causes anxiety and panic. We think horror, terror, and the worst, thus training our mind to believe all negative possibilities. The key with anxiety and panic attach recovery is to catch those negative thoughts before they get out of control.

3. Causes of fear

It is not indispensable that fear is the amount one cause of death, murder, crime, anxiety, panic, fear, alcoholism, drugs, rape, and so forth. If you explore the documents or history, you will unearth fear racing through the channels of each mind that acted out in a unfair way. Fear is a natural protection mechanism of our bodies but when our fears become irrational and more than we can deal with we know we have a problem.

4. Reality test

You can choose to acquire the following test. Do not worry however, since this test is to check your reality. You come to a road crossing and a car pulls out in front of you accelerating away. What do you feel? How do you react? You reacted out of fear, and perhaps called the person a jerk or worse after your emotions calmed down. You probably panicked, freaked, and felt anxious wondering if the car would hit you. What was real and what wasn’t?