Reiki Symbols

Reiki is the simple method to accumulate energy and heal ones body. Reiki also involves use of symbols in some way. This will give you the general idea about the symbols and use in Reiki.
Reiki students are taught to use the Reiki symbols (when treating people) on the Second Degree course.

Symbols And Reiki Treatments

There is no one ‘standard’ way of using the symbols. There is no agreement or consensus about what you should do with the symbols and how they should be used. Some methods are quite simple and other methods are quite complicated, with lots of rules about things that you ‘must’ do and should never do.

There are three symbols taught on Reiki Second Degree courses, with a further symbol – the Usui Master symbol – taught on Reiki Master courses. Any other symbols that might be taught on Reiki courses have nothing to do with Mikao Usui’s system.
Symbols do not need to be used when connecting someone to Reiki. Usui Sensei’s “Reiju empowerments” did not use symbols but they do connect you to the energy.

The Power Symbol

The symbol is named cho-ku-rei which means God and Man coming together or I have the key. It is the first symbol ( the Spiral), in westernis referred to as a ‘Power’ symbol that you visualize on top of other symbols to ’empower’ them or ‘activate’ them. This symbol represents the energy of the physical body, the energy of physical reality, and can be used to elicit this fundamental energy within you.
Please note that the ‘power symbol’ is an anticlockwise spiral.

The Mental Emotional Symbol

The name of this symbol is sei-hei-ki which is good for psychic protection. In Western Reiki , the second symbol is called the mental/emotional symbol and is used while treating the head, heart and solar plexus, which are the centres of thought and emotion.

The “Distant Healing” Symbol

The third symbol is in the West referred to as a “distant healing symbol”, something that you use to enable you to make a “long-distance” connection with someone so that you can send distant healing to them. Various rituals or sequences are used in different lineages in order to focus your attention on the receiver and send Reiki to them.
The symbol is made up of five separate Japanese characters (that you could find in a Japanese dictionary). The characters have been overlapped and merged with each other to an extent in order to produce one larger ‘composite’ character.

These are the main three symbols used in Reiki to perform different levels of it.