Reiki And Its 3 Stages

Reiki is the most easiest way to heal your body. One does not need to be very intelligent or spiritual to learn Reiki. Almost every human being can learn Reiki, with or without the help of Reiki master. Irrespective of your age or sex you can learn Reiki. The only requirement is the “will” and “desire” to learn. Just find a Reiki teacher fix an appointment, go and learn.

There are different stages of Reiki.. One may also call it degrees or levels of Reiki.

Stages of Reiki Training

Level-1 (Shoden)

Level one is the first stage of Reiki learning. Healing by hands is taught in this level. You can use the unlimited and wonderful healing powers of Reiki for treating oneself, others and even plants and animals.

Level-2 (Okuden)

After attaining the first level successfully you can learn the second level. In this stage the student is taught three Reiki symbols, which are secret and sacred as well. At this level, energy is not bound by time and space. Healer can send the energy and perform the healing from any distance. In this level the healing power becomes more powerful and much more stronger than in first stage. It is at this level that emotional and mental healing can also be done.


This is the final stage of Reiki. Some Master/Teachers treat this level as one and final whereas some teach it in two parts, namely Master Level (3A) and Teaching Level (3B).

Level-3A (Shinpiden)

After completing the first two levels one can learn this level. If one doesn’t wish to take teaching responsibilities, he or she can learn this to enhance their abilities. Preferably, it should be undertaken six months to one year after Level-2. Master Reiki symbol is taught in this level.

Level-3B, The Teacher Level (Shihan)

This is the final level. The word “Shihan” means a teacher. This is a teaching level and is recommended for those who are committed to Reiki and want to take up the responsibility of teaching Reiki.
At this level the emphasis is on the ability to pass attunements to others, not on healing abilities. There is one attunement and one symbol learned in this Degree plus the procedure to pass attunements for the First Degree, Second Degree, Master Degree (3A) and Teacher’s Degree (3B). The symbol taught in this degree is used only to pass the attunements and not for healing. Generally it is taught over a longer period.

Learning Reiki does not end up with the attunement. In fact attunement is the beginning of this lifelong path. As one uses Reiki and goes along, one finds a different world open to him/her, the infinite world of spiritual awakenings. How far then one can go is all individual.