Recognizing And Reducing Risk Factors Of Stroke

It is very important to know the risk factors, some of which can be prevented and some can be cured, and to recognize the symptoms in order that many of the severe side effects can be avoided.

Blood Pressure: As per the American Heart Association, high blood pressure is in the first position of controllable risk factor for stroke. Family history and obesity  factor in developing high blood pressure and women who in take birth control pills or have reached menopause are at a higher risk. A healthy lifestyle helps but in some cases medications are required.

Cholesterol: High levels of poorly low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol raises the risk of heart disease and stroke. High levels of richly high-density lipoprotein  (HDL) cholesterol lowers it. Studies have shown women’s cholesterol is higher than men’s from age 45 above and that low levels of High-density lipoproteins (