Reasons for Joint Pain in Women

Women suffer from joint pain just as frequently as men, and may experience it due to different reasons depending on their age.

Joint pain isn’t gender exclusive, and it sets in on men and women in equal measure. But there are actually a number of additional causes for joint pain in women that men won’t be affected by, along with the causes that they may share. Understanding more about the different ways joint pain will affect women is important. It’s also best to break it down into the different age groups that a specific cause will affect.

Reasons for Joint Pain in Women Younger women are usually only struck by joint trouble due to injury, much like men. Overuse of joints in exercise can cause sprains, strains, and tears that will usually heal on their own. Other, more serious injuries may occur as well and cause problems like bursitis or even bone chips. But in most cases, the young will be able to overcome their joint pain naturally after a few days of rest.

Middle age is when troubles can start to set in for women. As the body ages, natural wear and tear occurs within the joints. Cartilage will begin to breakdown. This is known as osteoarthritis and it’s a common cause of joint pain in women. At this age, the pain will usually be very minor but could be a sign of things to come. Natural supplements to prevent joint pain are a good way to help ward off this issue.

As women begin to go through menopause, they’ll notice that their joints begin to give them more trouble. That’s because the decrease in estrogen has a direct impact on the overall health of the joints in the body. Along with the mood swings and hot flashes of menopause, joint pain really begins to set in here and more than 40 percent of menopausal women report significant joint pain as a problem.

Finally, older women will need to fight against osteoporosis. Along with arthritis, osteoporosis will have a big impact on joint pain since the bones aren’t as dense or as strong. These two conditions become more intense when women are older and as a result they’re worth planning for. The right supplements and the right help from a doctor may reduce the chances of these conditions bothering one in later life.

Women face a lot of potential causes for joint pain, and understanding them is the best way to work towards preventing them.