Preliminary Step towards Cardio-care

It is truly said “Health is wealth” and this wealth is very precious. If there is mental peace, one can live a jolly life. Study had revealed that walking is good exercise that one should perform daily. Routine walk regulate the body system properly and maintain good health. People who practice walking daily significantly in healthy environment especially area surrounded by greenery provide good source of oxygen. It has proved that walking keeps the core of body that is “Heart” fit & fine. Therefore physicians advice everyone to practice walking and do exercise daily. It is not necessary that every time for walking a special time should be allotted. One can do this exercise simply while turning to movies or to the market or to any nearby place.

It is very certain that simple thing do not attract people as such they go for the complicated exercises with huge exercise tools and that craze remains short time. When a simple exercise of walking can benefit you the same way as do the heavy exercise tools, then why people do not go for the former? Walking daily allows good breathing exercise as well. Study has proved that green and faint colors give good relaxation to our eyes. So by practicing walking this motive can be achieved. Even simple 30 minute of walk daily is enough to benefit the body and improve the health of the heart as well as help to keep control over obesity. It is very important to keep a walking schedule, in order to live an active living. Sometimes we ignore this simple exercise but are we aware that while practicing this exercise daily we can solve most of our health related problems, such as back pain, strain in the joints, headache, digestion problems etc. Any type of exercise activates blood circulation all over the body and in turn makes body healthy and fit.

One should go through regular medical check-up and should not avoid any health related problems. Usually when a person crosses the age of 40yrs are mostly advised to go through regular cardio-vascular check-up and perform daily exercise. The simplest advice usually given by the physician is to practice regular walking, preferably after meal or in the early morning.

Physician advice should be followed strictly, as to ovoid any type of health disorder. This article is preferably to emphasis on the simple exercise of walking which is otherwise neglected. One is advised to first consult with the physician before adapting any exercise or health related matters.