Photo Facial-A Beauty Tip

Today the advanced technology is flourishing in every field. Hence most of the women’s problems are solved by adopting the artificial means. But this artificial means may even prove fatal to the body. Hence the various cosmetics available has added to the beauty of the women. Thus in using these cosmetics of good quality may not cause any side-effects to the skin. Different types of treatment therapy like dpl light therapy are practiced by the aesthetians, which may cause no harm to the skin.

Everyone has different types of skin and hence these treatments are not for everyone. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, different treatments are applied. Some persons may be sensitive and also allergic to the treatment. Therefore one should take special care before adopting any treatment, as it may lead to severe skin problems. One should strictly consult to their aestheticians before adoption of the treatment, it is best to consult the doctor in extreme cases.

Treatment of alpha and beta peels

The treatment including the alpha and beta peels are also alternately called as “acid facial”, exfoliating treatment” and “peels”. Mostly aesthetians and dermatologist use this treatment including alpha hydroxy (example glycolic) or beta hydroxy (example salicylic) acids.

One should keep away from these treatments if one is pregnant. As it contains salicylic acid, that is interrelated with aspirin which is very dangerous for the pregnant women as it may cause deformities of the fetus and ultimately can create any type of disorder during delivery.

The Photo Facial Follows The Following Steps

-In the first step the face is clearly cleaned with the help of the acid. Subsequently after the interval of 10-15 minutes or more depending on the type of skin, the acid is removed.

-After applying it results in soft and the glowing skin, the dark patches lessens upto some extend, gives brighter complexion color.

-Even the pimples are suppressed and make the face more clear. Hence this treatment is practiced at the interval of every week consequently six weeks.

Photo Facial Treatment.

As the name suggest photo means light, so as this therapy is dependent on photo energy. Using this photo power the problems of pigmentation and damaged capillaries, scarring, and extreme problems related with rosacea. The treatment consumes just 30 min or even less.

Hence very few people may experience redness or dryness of the skin.

Thus before applying this treatment dermatologist or aesthetician may examine your skin with special bands of light rays. And will accordingly will advice to seek the treatment.