Noteworthy Measures To Reduce Puffy Eyes

When ever you stand in front of the mirror and stir at yourself, the moment you see the dark circles around the eye and the puffy eyes it seems that the burden of whole world is upon you. Having puffy eyes is just not something that you are willing to wear to the office or school unless you are born with it. In a way, having puffy eyes is like having a big blackhead on your nose, only you can’t pop the puffiness. Thus typically, you really do not have to lose your hair over your puffy eyes.

Even though, they pose nothing more than cosmetic problems, there are severe cases where eye puffiness may necessitate surgical servings. And in some other conditions, eye puffiness can be a symptom of some severe diseases such as those connected with thyroid glands or even with kidneys.

But for the most part, the puffiness is an outcome of your activities during the previous day; for example, if you consumed a lot of salty food or you bent your head down for too long, there is a possibility that your eyes will be puffy next day. Still, you can work out for your eye puffiness within few hours if you just know how to do it? But before coming to a decision to cover up your puffy eyes with sunglasses and concealer, you should first try to lessen the bags on your eyes with some tried and tested remedies.

Gentle Massage:

Eye puffiness is generally caused by additional fluids entrapped in your eye area. By gently massaging both your upper and lower eyelids, you cast out all those excess fluids away from your eyes. This is essentially a basic touch therapy that many people are not aware of, but dermatologists and other skin care experts have utilized this procedure to perk up the appearance of their patient’s eyes.

Cold Water Therapy:

As stated, having puffy eyes can be nothing more than a problematical fluid circulation in your face. An trouble-free and safe way to bring back your eyes to their normal appearance is to spatter cold water directly on your eye area and the rest of your face. The cold temperature of the water is all you need to begin the fluid circulation in your face.

Tea Bag Patch:

Make an effort to utilize teabags. Two teabags moistened by cold water and patched on your puffy eyes for 10-15 minutes can revive your eyes and hold off the puffiness. Again, the coldness of the teabags can help to increase circulation in your face. But more than that, tea has tannin that can also help in tightening the skin in your eye area; by this means, effectively declining the swelling in your eyes.


Occasionally, eye puffiness can be caused by factors other than fluid circulation in the face. Such as, if you are having your menstruation, your body may retain more fluids at the beginning of your period; for this reason, our eyes may become puffy. If this is the case, take over-the-counter diuretic medications to help flush out excess fluids in your system.

If your eye puffiness is due to an allergic reaction, over-the-counter anti-histamine medicines can help to level the puffiness. Commonly, you will know that the swelling around your eyes is caused by an allergic reaction if the puffiness is accompanied by itching and redness around your eye.

These instant immediate measures can greatly help you in taking off the extra bags around your eyes without you batting an eyelash. But just in case your eye puffiness is a little bit difficult to reduce than you first thought, you can always apply makeup to cover the swelling. You can also treat your eyes with Eyevive for a more long lasting result to eye puffiness.