Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation

If you want to know about retardation it is necessary to know about  intelligence . Intelligence is a means of describing someone’s capability to judge, study, and solve tribulations. If someone is suffering mental retardation then it means that he/she has lower than average intelligence.

The patient who is suffering from mental Retardation   may have difficulty in learning and might require longer to gain knowledge of social skills, such as how to be friends or how to speak with others. It is possible that people with mental retardation also might be to a smaller amount proficient to care for themselves or incapable to subsist on their own as adults.

Occasionally kids who have psychological retardation get bullied or teased . This is mainly sad for the reason that these kids truly need friends and they also lack people who will be sympathetic to them. because of lack of learning problems, it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Simply like you, these kids desire to be liked and to have fun at school.

A kid in school with psychological retardation will perhaps need a hand of help. A few quantity of kids may have aides that stay with them during the school day. exclusive education and other services are accessible to help out with learning and behavior.

With your support they can also obtain help in learning “life skills.” Life skills are the skills people require to obtain care of themselves as they get older. Maximum, people with mental retardation are proficient to retain jobs and to live independently.

Causes Mental Retardation

It is wrong that Mental retardation is a disease. It takes place when something injures the brain or a problem forbids the brain from developing normally. Several times we are unable to know why a person has mental retardation. These problems can take place while the baby is developing inside his or her mom, during the baby’s birth, or after the baby is born.

When Baby Is Growing

If a pregnant mom is suffering from certain infections or sicknesses, it can origin problems with the baby, such as mental retardation. Some medicines, which are acceptable to take when a woman is not pregnant, can effect serious problems if a woman takes them when she is going to have a baby. A woman also can put her baby at risk of mental retardation if she drinks alcohol or takes certain drugs during her pregnancy.

Although the baby is growing inside the mom, there is possibility of problems with genes . Genes are the responsible factor for every cell ,They will decide that how the  cells  going to be and what are  the prospectus of body’s development. Mental retardation is one problem that can be caused by genes. Children have a amalgamation of genes from both their parents, so it is possible that  sometimes they obtain genes that are abnormal or the genes change while the baby is developing.

At the duration of Birth

If the baby’s brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen during childbirth it can cause the problem of mental retardation.

When Baby takes birth

Sometimes the baby is born without any problems, but he or she gets a serious infection as a young baby. This kind of infection can make a baby very sick and affect how the brain develops. A serious head injury also can cause mental retardation in a baby or an older kid.

How can doctor recognize mental retardation?

Doctors can identify  that a person has mental retardation by testing how well the person thinks and solves problems. If a baby or kid has mental retardation, doctors and other professionals can take some effort with the family to make a decision that what type of help is required.

Is it possible to prevent Mental Retardation?

In many cases it is not possible to prevent mental retardation. Though, a couple can have tests done to conclude if they are at risk of having a child with certain medical conditions that may contain mental retardation as part of the condition. At the time of  pregnancy for a woman, is essential that she eats healthy foods and nullifies alcohol and drugs. And after a baby is born, blood tests are done to check for definite problems. Various of these troubles can origin mental retardation, but if they are treated right away, mental retardation can be prohibited

As well, it’s vital for kids to do what they can do to avoid brain and head injuries. With babies, it’s important that they are protected by car seats and that great care is used so that they don’t fall from changing tables or other places. Older kids can guard themselves by wearing seat belts in the car and wearing helmets while riding bikes, in-line skating, or using scooters.

Precisely like all kids, those with mental retardation desire to build up their skills to the top of their abilities. They necessitate to go to school, play, and feel sustain from loving families and good friends. So! Be a friend with the person around you who is suffering from mental retardation