Meditation- An Ultimate Brain Workout

Meditation is a valid body state like any other such as sleeping or arousing. It helps to enjoy the benefits of our body state like relaxation, energy and perspective on your life. Meditation is an ultimate brain workout which keeps you away from anxiety, pain, depression, emotional problems, insomnia, and stress.

Are You Thinking How To Start?

You will have to spend only 20 minutes from your daily routine to be away from all your physical and mental problems. Firstly, find a comfortable place to sit where no one can disturb you for at least 20 minutes. While sitting for meditation, your back should be as straight as possible.

Put An Alarm

Setting time will help you avoid unnecessary excuse to get up and “check the time” which is a common hurdle while meditating. Sense of timing is lost while meditating which leads to the feeling that you have gone past the time you set for meditation. This will often happen after you have been sitting for 1 or 2 minutes. A timer helps to assure you that you have not meditated too long. So set a timer and then forget about time.

Concentrate On Your Breathing

Breathing is an unique automatic bodily function. We take over 10 million breaths per year without noticing. Now, we have to control breathing voluntarily. Try to breath slowly which will help your body to relax. Concentrate on your breathing and notice everything about it. Everything the process of inhaling , exhaling and the very tiny pause between the two.
Just be aware of your breath totally.
This is your only task in meditation — be aware of your breath, without losing your concentration. If your thoughts wander, just come back to breathing.

Understand The Aim Of Meditation

The whole idea of meditation is not to stop your thoughts or thinking process but to not interact with them. Coming of many ideas and thoughts in mind while meditation is absolutely normal. The art of meditation lies in coming back to your breathing and not to run after the thoughts. Learn to give a neutral label to your thoughts. Say for example, if you are thinking about everything you have to do at work, label the thoughts ‘work’ and return to breathing.

Do Not Ever Judge Yourself About Meditation

Perfect meditation is impossible. Many days you will find that your entire meditation time was spend thinking about your office or your children or your kitchen etc. Your awareness will drift away and the time will disappear, that’s completely ok. When your ideas go with the flow try to come back and concentrate on your breathing. Try not to divert from your goal of meditation. Each time you distract just come back to your breath. Do not think that you cannot meditate.

Ignore Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice will definitely call you many times to stop you, while meditating. This voice will come up with “great ideas” that you have to do something very important than meditation. The voice will ask you to get up and tell that your meditation time is up.
Don’t listen to the voice. Remember, while you are mediating there is nothing more important for you to do. Just sit.
Try not to flow with the thoughts and just watch them. Observe your thoughts appear and connect to other thoughts. Just watch your thoughts and do not nourish them. At the end you will find many of them useless and meaningless. You will also begin to develop an awareness apart from your thoughts. Perhaps the greatest lesson of meditation is that you are not your thoughts.

Applying Meditation Into Your Life

Meditation teaches you many things. Every day you meditate you learn something from it. Try to apply things you have learned through meditation in your day to day life.

Thinking About The Right Time To Meditate!

Every time is perfect time for meditation. You can meditate whenever you want to. You can always meditate while standing in a queue, feeling lonely or when watering plants etc. etc., etc.

Meditation Is A Daily Practice

Meditation needs daily practice which should be continuous and constant. You should meditate daily without fail. Regular meditation will benefit not only your body and mind but also your soul.