Manual for Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

Most smokers believe that they can’t quit, that cigarettes are more powerful than they are. Actually this is fear , because if you continue to smoke, how can you recognize that it’s hard without cigarettes? This is a result from your habit that is controlling you so much that it won’t allow you to assume how life can look like without smoking.

This point bestows a different doubt or excuse of yours. This is partially true, you adore the time spent with yourself in that moment. But the cigarette will burn after two minutes, so why light it in the first place? She’ll burn but the pleasure will only last for two minutes. It will last for two minutes and only two minutes. No more. This conditioning will continue until you are brave enough to interrupt this pattern.

First and the foremost thing you have to do is to dislike that you’re controlled. How can you be a free human being, when someone or something controls you? This should be the first milestone for you. The rest are simply techniques that will help you substitute the smoking habit.

You will not stop smoking without thinking and trying to apply a non-smoker habit.

After you are convinced that you understand this, and only after you’re sure, follow these instructions:

• If you can live on without smoking for only one minute, don’t you think that you can do it in the next minute? Sure you can. You should battle the craving by the minute. It is a much shorter time period to fight your battle and win. This makes the war all that much easier.

• Your first trigger takes place at a point where the body is conditioned to enjoy a cigarette along with a drink or after a meal, etc. These triggers will last for a maximum of 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes your entire body will convince you that it is okay to light a cigarette, which you have reason and it will come up with so many excuses that it will be hard for you to say no.

• You should not involve yourself in your personal fight with the habit. You can’t win your habit in this way, because there will be a period when you’re feeling “down” and that will be a good enough reason for lighting a cigarette.

• You should also be alert that you’ll be very confused in the first 3 days and this is normal and you should accept it. This is the period where your brain is forcing you to light a cigarette and attempts to convince you with what may seem “reasonable” excuses. Since you programmed your brain to feel pleasure whenever you light a cigarette, it is now telling you that something might be wrong without a cigarette or that something might be missing from your life.

Your brain is similar to a big and mighty ship, but you’re the captain, and it will follow your navigation orders, but needs time to take the right course. There is also wind that is blowing your ship in several directions, and there is still a force that is pushing the ship towards the old navigation commands. Don’t forget the power that you as a captain posses, you can change the course of your ship in any direction you want.

You’ll need only 3 days to begin feeling like a non-smoker.

Some other very supportive thing is to try to help some of your friends who are smokers. Try telling them about this techniques and theories and check their opinion. You can make some kind of pact, trying to work together to beat this habit. At the bottom of every post there is a link labeled “Tell a friend!”. Use this link to forward this message and at least remind your friends that they can quit. This can be very stimulating for you and your strength to quit smoking.