Managing High Blood Pressure In A Simple Way

The moment you saw the weighing machine denoting a fat gain of 16 pounds in a period of two months, why did you it easily? It should have surprised you into action. The least you can do is to find out what your weight is now and what your weight should be?

You need to be cautious about what you eat as it is directly and proportionately related to your blood pressure. I agree that ‘one has to be true to the salt,’ but this does not hold true for you. You have to cut down on your intake of salt drastically, before your doctor commands you – no more salt! Avoid salty, and fried food. Take up a diet that is low in saturated fat.

Two simple remedies which are well known, to control high blood pressure are butter milk and lemon. Drink butter milk regularly. It is good for both; low as well as high blood pressure. Lemon peel is also similarly effective in high blood pressure. A shredded lemon peel may be added to soups and stews or sprinkled over your salads.

Just let me know that have you discontinued drinking or you are still thinking to take the decision? If you have already made that decision, then let me appreciate you. But, if you think that you can not do it all, than reduce consuming alcohol. Just take a drink a day. If you are already under the watchful care of your family doctor, please follow their instructions sincerely. Let there be no holidays for the medicine and please keep sufficient stock in advance. If your doctor has called you this Sunday for a check up, then make sure that you reach there this Sunday itself and not, the next Monday.

Also, the physician must have prescribed you certain indications about the regime of exercise that is necessary for you, such as, morning walk, light stretching exercises or mild aerobics. Follow the schedule strictly. Your doctor treats hundreds of patients like you each day. He has more practical knowledge about high blood pressure, than a common person. You are advised to follow his prescription and understand his treatments.

Uniform check up of blood pressure is a necessary. You need to have such an arrangement at your home. Charts of your regular checkups will support the doctor extremely in curing you. Let all the members of your family, your spouse, and your children go for the check up, along with you, even if they do not have this ailment.

If you are taking basic precautions like maintaining your diet and performing proper exercises.