Magnetic Therapy-Alternative for Regulating BP

Today most of the people are suffering knowingly or unknowingly to high or low blood pressure. Once high blood pressure can be controlled by avoiding fatty food but low blood pressure is very fatal as in extreme cases it can ultimately lead to paralysis of to coma. Mostly person who have crossed the age of 35 should regularly go for BP check-up.

The proper flow of blood in the blood vessels guarantees that there is adequate flow of nutrition and oxygen flow through different body tissues which ultimately causes proper function of the tissues of the body. The researchers have proved that magnetic therapy benefits in reducing high blood pressure and increases the bodies resistance to Blood pressure.

The researchers after studying the detail characteristic of the blood substances as white blood corpuscles, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, red blood corpuscles etc, has proved the positive effect of magnetic in controlling the flow of blood. Magnetic therapy has made remarkable discovery in assisting in the diagnoses of various diseases apart from blood pressure. Various infectious diseases such as typhoid, measles etc, is believed to be beneficial in dealing such diseases. Now day’s people are becoming aware of magnetic therapy and adopting this natural means to relief from the problem usually people adopt this therapy to treat problems like headache, even one can get relief from headache. It helps in fast healing of wounds, even fractures etc. Since magnetic therapy is proving more and more beneficial, Researchers are diverted to discover the effect of magnet on the activation and control of antibodies. Recent studies of magnetic effect have proved very beneficial in solving many problems of infection and asceticism arising in hospital, in operation theaters etc. Discovery of a drug using this therapy, will surely add to the wonder of science.

Magnetic therapy has proved very beneficial in curing different types of wound like incised, punctured etc. It enhances the production of cells and ensures the curing of conditions like corns, chilblains and chaps. It also assists in calcification of fractured bones.

Hence magnetic theory may reduce quite a number of medicines that are consumed to control blood pressure.