Low Down Blood Pressure By Magnetic Therapy

The proper regulation of the flow of blood in the blood vessels also certainly shows proper nutrition and oxygenation of different tissues in the body which in turn leads to harmonization and enhanced functioning of different tissues. The health promoting power of the effects of magnets gives an organism with better resistance to disease and supports  it for the higher purposes of living.

An apparent effect of magnets on reduction of infection is clear from the results of studies aimed at certain features of blood like white blood corpuscles (WBC) and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). It was scrutinized after application of magnets to the body that there was a marked drop in the above characteristics. This suggests that some contagious diseases like typhoid and measles can be brought in the domain of the therapeutic series of magnets. This has also led the medical researchers to try magnets in various infections where the antibiotics have lost their hopes either due to lack of diagnosis of the case by the physician or development of slow resistance by the micro-organisms. Surprising results have been obtained throughout the world by using the north pole of the magnet, in capturing the infection and subsequent complications arising out due to lack of aseptic conditions in hospital and operation theatres.

It has been verified by the pathologists that under the action of magnets, various types of wounds such as punctured, incised, crushed and infection heal quickly by reduction in the formation of the fibrous tissue. The process of production of sound cells and rejuvenation is hurries up, leading to quick recovery in painful conditions like corns, chaps, chilblains. Also under the affect of magnets, the fractured bones join up quickly by fast calcification.