Leptiburn Review – Does This Supplement Really Work?

Alex Sam 
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Leptiburn is a beauty product that falls under the weight loss category. It is designed to be used by both genders as it works by boosting leptin levels within the human body. Higher levels of leptin in the system ensure that body fat is burned more intensely thus getting rid of the unwanted weight. It is the leptin levels that also ensure that energy from fat oxidation is directly used up as the body’s energy. In layman’s terms, leptin ensures you will have enough fuel to drive you to your destination. Leptiburn contains six key ingredients (irvinga babonensis, pnax notoginseng, brown seaweed extract, olive leaf extract, yerba mate and green tea) all which work toward ensuring that you get value for your money when you use leptiburn to help you lose your weight.

What Is The Name Behind Leptiburn?


Leptiburn is hailed from Biotrust, a known company that produces supplements and multivitamins that aim at a healthier you. Biotrust was founded by Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion, who were both fed up of fraudulent and ineffective products that wasted the consumer’s money without delivering much to him. They formed Biotrust, for they believe themselves to be trustworthy. The ‘Bio-‘ bit of the name goes forward to show that all their products are geared at being effective in the natural way- no funny chemicals that adversely affect you!

What Ingredients Are In Leptiburn?

The list and function of ingredients in leptiburn are as follows;

  • Irvingia Gabonensis – This contains a lot of fibre, which work to lower the cholestral levels in the blood. When cholestral is lowerd, blood flow is more efficient and glucose is more freely used up thus less sugars and starches are converted to fats in the body.
  • Panax Notogignseng (Pns) – This controls your leptin levels, allowing you tohave efficient oxidation of fats whilst you diet.
  • Brown Seaweed Extract – This product is a blood thinner. Much like irvinga gabonensis, it ensures that blood flow is more efficient thus toxins are lost easier from your blood. It will also leave no room for cholestral molecules to form within the blood vessels.
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Yerba Mate And Green Tea Are Fat Oxidizers. These help you burn the fat you already have stored in your system.
    Suggested Use

When you begin using this product, there are some basic guidelines that you will need to follow. These guidelines are for your own safety as you use this product. They include;

Do’s and Benefits

  • Leptiburn uses ingredients that are well known to be efficient having weight loss properties.
  • Leptiburn allows you to lose weight without actually having to workout.
  • Leptiburn use promotes users to have a healthier, well balanced diet as this helps the efficiency of the product.
  • Leptiburn ingredients (olive leaf, brown seaweed extract) are known to be life extension products.

Don’ts and Disadvantages

  • Leptiburn is an organic supplement, thus making it pretty perishable.
  • Using leptiburn could force you to change your diet for effecincy purposes, this might be unwanted.
  • Leptiburn contains no new ‘wonder’ ingredient, there ae therefore other weight loss supplements that will be just as effective or more.
  • Leptiburn might interfere with your leptin levels, a condition that is hard to reverse.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Interactions?

There are possible interactions with other medicines that also affect leptin levels in the body. Do consult your doctor when you are under medication before using this product. It is however advisable to discontinue its use until you are done with your medication. Side effects of using leptiburn are: leptin imbalance in the body, intestinal upsets, nausea, headaches and skin rushes. The skin rashes are not so common, but seem to occur on users with more sensitive skins. Proper hydration and ventilation will help you get rid of these side effects. if these symptoms reoccur frequently, you should discontinue using leptiburn.

Being that leptiburn contains many ingredients from different plants, it is likely that it will interact with pharmaceutical medicines like quinine. This has however has not been tested or proven. Leptiburn is likely safe for all human consumption.

What Do Leptiburn Customer Reviews Say?

Customer reviews are generally positive concerning the use of leptiburn. This is perhaps due to the extensive research that has been carried out on the ingredients used in this product.

Final Verdict

It is worth remembering that all ingredients here are 100% natural, and you are bound to interact with these in life when dealing with other supplements. The side effects mentioned can also be countered, and there are no life threatening risks. Leptiburn is therefore worth using, after your own research on all the available products in the market.

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