Know Your Skin!

Skin is the universal part of our body. It is the most exposed part of body. As the season changes skin also experience alteration accordingly. The factors that affect body skin involve weather changes, dirt, dust, pollution that can create major skin problem. The skin problems are many and hence to deal these problems raises the need of skin care regime. Skin care means to deal with all the problems related to skin and to prevent it from further problems.

In order to know your skin better and to know its actual problem, you need to know your skin and its mechanism well. Let is briefly study skin and its structure.

  • The skin forms the major portion of body and holds on to about 15-16% of body weight. It plays important role in maintaining a balance between the external and internal environment of body.
  • It balances the body temperature through the processes of perspiration and rate of blood circulation that helps in regulating body temperature. The flow of blood takes place through the network of blood vessels inside skin.
  • It facilitates the eradication of toxic waste products and also water from body. Any type of disturbance in this process may lead into skin problems like acne formation, swelling on the body.
  • In different weather conditions skin too experience difference. In cold conditions skin blood flow rate also falls down considerably. This happens to favor the warm blood to flow to vital organs of body like heart, brain etc.
  • The skin defense mechanism functions well in invading certain bacteria and viruses from the skin surface. It also proportionate the physical moisture balance of the body by the process of perspiration and secreting oily sebaceous material that act as good lubricating substance to the skin.
  • Skin also act as good shock resistance to sensitive tissues underneath. Similarly skin also needs to be slender and smooth to stretch for easy movement.
  • The nerves underneath the skin make us aware of sensations of heat, cold and pain.

When we study about i.e women beauty tips, skin care tips, natural beauty tips, beauty secrets the skin it reveals that apart from internal nourishment, it also requires external application of essential ingredients. These ingredients work effectively to fulfill the necessary needs that skin becomes deficient off when exposed to extreme conditions.

Therefore in order to maintain the skin beauty in different conditions you need to take active care of your skin.

The tips given below will help you to maintain good skin texture:

The skin is the major portion of the body that is mostly exposed to external environment. The popular skin care step involves cleaning, toning, moisturizing and conditioning.

Cleansing is preliminary and important step in skin care. When skin gets exposed to external environment the dust, dirt and harmful elements get deposited on the external layer of skin and may enter skin and cause major problems.

Once the skin is cleansed with proper cleanser, it needs to be toned. Toning activates skin smooth blood circulation as well as widens skin pores. This is helpful for better moisturizing. Moisturizing after it with opened skin pores will help to moisturize skin from within. This will favor essential ingredients present in moisturizers to enter the skin pores and cause fruitful effect for longer period of time.

However, skin care should be taken with proper and effective means that will help you to maintain your skin beauty.
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