Identify As To Why Wrinkles Occurs?

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Wrinkling and consequently aging of skin is a worldwide and common problem faced by each and every individuals. From previous many years, it is a ambiguity for number of individuals to preserve their youthful and radiant look at any sacrifice. This state of mind and wish of the people to good quality skin has not yet changed up till now.

At the present time there are abundant anti-aging skin care products, procedures, and therapies for preserving the radiant young appearance. It is realized as the most significant sign for revealing the old age of the individual. On an average for anti-aging skin care and products around millions of dollars are wasted in the expectation for the delay of skin aging and the lines around the eyes.

Distinctive Types Of Skin Aging

Commonly, there are two types of skin aging. They are intrinsic i.e. internal skin aging, which is elicited by caused by individual’s personal reason, such as genes and body condition. The second type is the extrinsic i.e. external skin aging, which is caused due to the factors present outside one’s body, such as sunlight and depends upon the lifestyle.

Internal Aging Of Skin:

Aging of skin is a biological phenomenon, which is controlled by our genes. It varies from skin to skin, some skin aging can occur in early age and may come in late forties. On an average, in late thirties, the indications of aging begin to appear on the skin.

The skin’s capability to crack down to shape starts to decline, i.e. the skin fails to maintain it’s stiffness and elasticity. This is due to skin cells that do not redevelop as fast as they used to result to be tougher in older skin.

The feature indications of wrinkles and sagging skin do not appear although internal skin aging begins in one’s 20s, for until about a couple of decades more. Thinning, loss of firmness, dryness, and reduction of sweat production that prevents proper cooling of the body are the other signs that indicate skin aging.

Extrinsic Skin Aging:

Factors outside one’s own genes accelerate skin aging. Lifestyles and habits carry more impact of why skin aging occurs more prematurely in one’s lifetime.

Exposure To Sun:

Skin exposure to sun is one of the main causes of skin aging. In the present environment, detrimental rays from the sun pass through in ever-increasing amounts causing damage to the skin and obstructing its ability to repair itself. A few minutes exposure in the day to ultraviolet rays results in changes to the skin. An even graver symptom would be the onset of skin cancer. Skin experts call this effect photo.

Facial Exercises:

Facial exercises are another reason for skin aging. Facial exercises cause the muscles on the face to fold and crease the skin. As the elasticity of skin elasticity reduces, the skin starts to take on the creases more permanently causing deep wrinkles on the face.


Smoking not only causes harm internally but also externally. This is one of the most pronounced with the condition of the skin aging. Nicotine intake causes changes in the body that speeds up the break down of skin cells.

The characteristics of skin aging will inevitably show up on everyone at one point or the other. All sorts of anti aging skin care products and treatments can be availed of but it is only meant to delay the outward symptoms.