How To Curl Straight Eyelashes?


Importance of Eyelashes

Beautiful, thick and curly eyelashes are the epitome of sexy and sultry, so people that are just naturally gifted with the perfect set of lashes really have something to be thankful for.

Everyone knows how much of a pain having stick straight lashes are. For those that actually suffer from this, always know we are always thinking of you. However, kidding aside, don’t lose all hope my friend, there are ways to trick those stubborn lashes of yours.

Tips to Curl Straight Eyelashes

1.Heated Eyelash Curler

Curl Straight Eyelashes

Now we know that the word heated and curler should not even be in the same sentence but believe us it works! It works like this, get your favorite eyelash curler and run it under some hot water just enough to get it warm. Side note, this also sanitizes your eyelash curler hence alleviating any chance of any eye infection due to a dirty eyelash curler. Use the now heated eyelash curler like you would normally. However please do remember to be careful since you are directly placing the heated eyelash curler to a very sensitive area such as your eyes.

Once you have (hopefully) successfully used the heated eyelash curler you will then notice the more pronounced curl I gives your eyelashes. It not only does that but it also provides for a stronger and longer lasting curl.

2.Eyelash Primer
The word primer is like magic to any woman’s ear. For example both face and eye primer are made especially to ensure that your foundation or eye shadow stays in place and doesn’t lose its color. This is kind of how eyelash primers work. They are pretty easy to apply. All you have to do is apply it before your usual mascara and eyelash curler routine. Remember to start near your lash root and slowly extending the application using outward motions. Eyelash primers ensure that your lashes stay curled all day long.

3.Volumizing Mascara
Of course, where would we all be without the power of a great volumizing mascara? Remember not to slab on too much though as this can weigh down your already difficult to pull up lashes. Another great tip would also be to buy a volumizing mascara with a curved wand. As compared to your run of the mill straight mascara wands, curved mascara wands are especially designed for those of us that need a little bit of help in the stick straight lashes department.

Are These Harmful To Natural Lashes?

Basically, there really isn’t much to be scared of when using a heated curler, mascara and enhance eyelash primer. However here are a few tips to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

1. Eyelash curlers can and will cause damage to your lashes if you’re not careful. For example applying mascara before curling your lashes can cause breakage. Always be sure to apply mascara after curling your lashes and be careful not to hold the curler too hard or too long.

2. Eyelash curlers are not all fun and games and its odd contraption look actually lives up to expectations. If you’re not careful you could end up pinching your eyelids while trying to curl your lashes. Just be extra careful when curling your lashes.

3. Remember to try on the heat of the curler on your palm before putting it on a sensitive area such as your eyes. Nobody wants a burn mark near your nice pretty lashes now do we?

4. If your volumizing mascara happens to be waterproof always use oil or any sort of eye makeup remover in order to avoid any tugging or pulling at the lashes when you are rinsing your makeup off. Also remember to apply the oil or makeup remover carefully and in slow dabbing motions.

Final Thoughts

See? What did we tell you? With a bit of mascara and curler your stick straight eyelash problems can now be a thing of the past! A couple of simple tricks here and there can really make a difference in your eyelashes. Say goodbye to your stick straight lashes and say hello to those gorgeous peepers of yours! Just remember to keep that heated curler away from your skin!