How To Avoid Heart Disease ?

Heart diseases is the last milestone of many disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer from smoking and drinking. If the people do not change their lifestyle, they are at a higher risk for having severe heart disease.

So how can we the people can prevent the occurrence of heart disease? It’s best for the individual to have a physical exam and discuss certain things with the medical doctor to be able to find a solution for each problem.

If a person smokes a lot, the best thing he could to is to quit. Researches have proved that people who stops it are able to decrease the risk factor almost immediately. It is tough to give up this habit, so this should be done slowly to prevent the person from having withdrawal the symptoms.

Having high blood pressure is usually accredited to the kind of food being consumed by the individual. Than it is good to add some fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet to balance fats usually found in meat.

Exercise have the quality to minimize the risk of heart diseases. The individual doesn’t have to register in a gym but perform at home by starting slowly or try to be engage in a sport with friends. This definitely will help the individual to burn excess calories and keep the heart with regular pumping.

Alcohol and liquor are mentioned to contribute heart disease as earlier as possible. Studies have shown that having one or two pegs per day is safe while anything more than that is very dangerous to health.

Prevention is the key against heart disease especially if there is a previous medical history of this in the family or because everyone has the same sort of diet or lifestyle risk. This means that everyone must consult with the family doctor for the changes that have to be made.

Besides implementing certain changes, here are two medications that can also be used to prevent heart disease.

The first one is aspirin. Studies have shown that this can make the blood thin and less the size of blood clots especially during a heart attack. This is generally given to individuals who had an experience in the past.

People should consult a doctor before taking aspirin this drug has not yet been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration.

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE) is one drug that can be used for a in several way. This can stop the creation of chemical that makes the blood vessels narrow and helps to control high blood pressure for a damaged heart muscle.

The physician may recommend this to a patient after an attack or for those who’s heart is unable to pump enough blood to supply the body’s need.

There are many other drugs that can be taken to prevent heart disease. The right prescription can only be given after thorough checkup by a respective doctor.