Hormone Therapy-Treatment To Women Problem

Hormone should be in appropriate proportion in our body any change in the quantity leads to various disorders of the body. Hence raises the need of hormones therapy in any imbalance of it. As this therapy is adopted to fulfill or retard the secretion of the hormones, it can be named in many ways such as hormone replacement, hormone therapy or ovarian therapy. This therapy is usually practiced to treat the hormones which are in abnormal proportion that is when they are in high or low in proportion. Menopause is said to be a disease when it occurs before time. It takes place due to inadequacy of the hormone estrogen and progesterone. Menopause is a natural phase of female reproductive cycle, like puberty. Therefore hormone therapy is becoming popular due to its important treatment in curing the disease.

Menopause is one of the phases of menstrual cycle of the women’s reproductive life cycle. It causes the detrimental effect on women’s modus vendible as it is believed to be the relax phase of women’s life cycle. After menopause women increases the risk of many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Therefore nowadays women go through the hormone therapy to avoid the problems like hot flash, vaginal dryness and related problems. In some cases, women suffer from premature menopause like stage, which may lead to many female problems. There arises the need for hormone therapy to solve this problem. Further detail study of this therapy also paves a way to avoid the risk of heart attacks, debilitating disease of osteoporosis.


Such disease is usually not completely cured, as doctors suggest long term medication to such patients nearly 10-20 years or more.

Hormone therapy is adopted to fulfill the deficiency of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. That may be done by quick insertion of hormone pill or even intake of the medicines for your vaginal problems. One can also take it through injections.

The estrogen and progesterone are two important female hormones. Absence of any one of these in women’s may lead to the disorder like if progesterone is absent then estrogen alone may possibly increase the risk of various disease like uterus cancer. Presence of progesterone may overcome this possibility. since it replaces estrogen hormone, this therapy is called “estrogen replacement therapy”. In women in which uterus has been removed, estrogen hormone singly can work.

Menopause in early stages of life cycle may be due to various reasons, one of the reasons may be radioactive or chemotherapy exposure. What so ever may the cause, it takes place due to the low level of hormones. Sometimes it occurs in early forties that may be naturally but in most of the cases in happens in young women that have low level of hormone.

Nowadays women are adopting this therapy to get rid of this problem. American women go for this therapy specifically at the stage of menopause in the age of 40’s-50’s. But still hesitate to take the decision, since it is the long term treatment. Before adopting this treatment it is important to consult with the specialist as to avoid any complication further. One should study the details of it considering their side effects. Not all women can go through this therapy since their medical history may decide it, like in some cases the women who had previously gone through treatment including breast cancer, liver disease, unnecessary vaginal bleeding etc, are not allowed to go through it.