Give Natural Homemade Care To Your Skin!

Every one of us is more concern about the looks and attractive features that contributes to your beauty. Overall our skin is a universal part of our beauty. Some of us just blindly prefer any product that claims great promises for positive results. Majority of these products may include those organic ingredients that promise for good effect on skin but their quality can not be guaranteed. When your kitchen contains all the ingredients that have solution for beauty care, then why not to go for natural means of taking care of beauty?

Home made beauty ingredients are fresh, natural and readily available also cheaper than other beauty products. You just need to take some time for proper application atleast once a week. You can search number of options for natural skin care.

Depending upon the type of skin you are required to use ingredients accordingly. You oily skin needs special things like eggs, avocado and strawberry may work effectively on it. For proper care of oily skin you can prepare a mask using these natural ingredients. You need to make a paste of fuller’s earth (1 teaspoon), an egg yolk, mashed avocado (1/4) and some witch hazel. Apply this mask gently on the face skin and enjoy the wonderful results. The fuller’s earth used in it dries excess of sebum whereas avocado refill lost moisture and Witch hazel tones skin well.

You can use strawberry mask as well for dealing with oily skin. Prepare a mash of nearly 8 whole strawberries into pulp and mix it with 3-4 tablespoons of honey. Apply this mixture on your skin. This will help you to maintain oily skin well.

Let us know that how can you prepare best natural mask for dry skin. Dry skin needs special efforts to be taken care as negligence may lead your skin with fine lines that may show signs of aging. Therefore, in preparing natural home made mask for dry skin eggs plays a very important role. For dry skin prepare a paste of 1 egg yolk combined with olive oil (1 teaspoon) and warm honey (1 teaspoon). For better result you can add vitamin E oil that will help you to make skin moist and glowing.

For normal skin, prepare a home made natural mask that will provide natural nourishment to your skin. For this type of skin rose mask will be helpful as this mask is good for both oily and dry skin. Soak 5 rose petals in water and then mash them. Then prepare a mixture of rosewater, yogurt and honey all same in quantity. Add this mixture to the mashed rose petals and heat just to melt it and ultimately apply it on your face after cooling it.

The most important home made mask that you can prepare naturally at your home is for ageing or maturing skin. For this take 3 teaspoon of sugar in 4 teaspoon of warm water and then mask your skin. This will help in preventing maturing skin by softening the fine lines.

These home made natural masks for face will definitely benefit you to reduce your different skin problems. You just need to spare time in performing all these masks at your home and provide natural nourishment to your skin rather then giving torturing of harmful chemicals used in many skin care products. These natural home made masks should be practiced repeatedly for best and fruitful results. Using these masks for prolong period will help to maintain the quality of your skin for longer time.