Mind Blowing Sex Position For Stimulating Female G-Spot

A woman has several different erogenous zones on her body, and one of the most sensitive and difficult places to find is her G-spot. This area of small, spongy tissue is located on the inside of her vagina, near the top. This sensitive area is often capable of giving a woman, one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Once this spot has been located, here are three sex positions that are guaranteed to hit her G spot during sex.

Three Sex Positions to Hit The G Spot during Sex

1. Woman on Top

Mind Blowing Sex Position For Stimulating Female G-Spot

This is already a popular position for both men and women. Men love it when you take control of the lovemaking, and women enjoy being able to not only set the rhythm and pace, but also determine the angle and depth of penetration. After you have positioned yourself, slowly lean back a little ways. This will help his penis be able to not only stimulate your clitoris, but also penetrate deep enough to reach your extremely sensitive G spot. If you are fortunate, you might also be able to experience a blended orgasm in this position.

2. Crouching, Man Coming from Behind
This position is also referred to as “Doggie Style”, and some women find this style slightly uncomfortable. If you happen to enjoy the sensual thrill of having sexual intercourse from behind, then this is one of the best positions for him to reach that very sensitive G-spot. There are several different ways in which you and your partner can perform this position, and it will be up to you to discover which one works the best for you. One common variation is for you to bend over the bed, bracing yourself with your legs and your arms. Once he has entered you, try experimenting with different levels of penetration and speed. Once you have driven yourself and your partner to the brink, simply let yourself enjoy the sensations washing over you. You can also consider trying different variations of this position. Take turns controlling the amount of friction and penetration. You might be surprised at the intensity of your orgasms.

3. The Man Kneeling or Standing with the Woman’s Legs on His Shoulders

This is one of the rare G spot positions where you can actually look into each other eyes. Not only can you experience an amazing female orgasm, it can also help to achieve a new level of intimacy between couples. This position also allows couples to become creative with their locations. While you are leaning back, place your legs on your partner’s shoulders. This will help to raise your pelvic area, making it easier for him to penetrate deeper and reach your G spot. Whether you are sitting in a chair, or lying back in bed, this position is both intimate and satisfying.

One of the most important things to remember when having sexual intercourse to stimulate the G spot, is to make sure your partner can penetrate deep enough with his thrusts to reach it. Unlike a woman’s clitoris or vagina, her G spot is located further back and requires deeper penetration. One of the best ways is for a woman to raise her pelvic region. While all of these positions requires some raising of her pelvic region, sometimes it might still be necessary to use pillows as props. Simply experiment to find what works best for you.
Like any sexual position, these can and should be modified and experimented with until you find the perfect angle and style for you and your partner. Having an orgasm from your G spot can be one of the most amazing and intense orgasms that you have ever experienced, and it can also be done more than once. Unlike other orgasms, such as clitoral orgasm, a woman’s G spot does not become painfully sensitive if it is overstimulated. Instead, the G spot will simply continue to become sexually aroused until you climax. Providing you and your partner plenty of opportunity to experiment with these fun sexual positions.