2019 is about Redefining Health – Food Trends to Watch Out for

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For an increasingly large number of people, the only purpose of food is no longer satiating your appetite and senses. Starting from breakfast to lunch to dinner, people these days love to eat things which contribute to their well-being and longevity. As per the forecasts on food trends, it is seen that probiotics, natural energy foods and plant-based foods will be the 3 main sectors which will fuel the health and wellness industry in the coming year.

If you’re a health-conscious person, you must also keep in mind the fact that insuring your health against all odds is a wise step to take. As there are insurance carriers like iSelect from where you can get the best health insurance policies, you should approach them in order to get the best one as per your needs. Apart from insuring your health, here are the food trends you should watch out for.

#1: Proteins Based On Plants

Though majority of us obtain lots of protein through our diets, yet it is a vital component in our meals which we take in order to stay satisfied and full[1]. According to researches, it has been seen that plant-based protein like pea protein, nuts, legumes and seeds were hot.

These can be added in non-chicken tenders, veggie burgers and mac and cheese to name some of them. Hence, it can be seen that plant-based proteins are actually best foods to have in 2019.

#2: Probiotics

Living organisms or probiotics can help you improve your digestive health and the foods in which you can find probiotics is no longer limited to yogurts. You will now find probiotics in sparkling water, oatmeal and also in beverages.

Just make sure you keep in mind that there are various strains of probiotics and all of them don’t have a similar impact on people. Hence, be sure you’re choosing the right kind of probiotic.

#3: Legume Pasta

woman eating legume pasta
Legumes were previously a very important source of protein[2] and this is the main reason why people have pasta. Noodles which were made from chickpeas and the different lentils were the richest source of protein.

This is one of the biggest food trends which have taken off and you’ll rather be alarmed to find out that the conventional pasta companies have even joined in. This trend is rather vital for the pasta-loving generation.

#4: Cooking Oils With High Smoke Point

In the kitchen of recent days, there are several types of cooking oils and it can be tough for the consumer to find out any difference in them. Cooking with the kind of oil which has been heated more than its point of smoke does more harm than just giving a burnt flavor to the food.

In case you’re thinking of increasing the heat, get for yourself high-smoke point oils like algae oil or canola oil which has got a smoke point of 400 degrees.

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Therefore, whenever you’re eager to participate in the food trends, make sure you stay aware of the latest trends in the food industry. Keep in mind the above listed trends.

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