Fibromyalgia – A Rare Disease

Fibromyalgia is rarely known disease. Just 2% of the world population are struck with this disease. This disease is more prominent in females than males. The perfect reason behind the cause of the disease is not yet clear. Therefore no such target medication against it is available up till now. Only the remedial medication against its symptoms are available.

The initial discovery of this disease included the use of  Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) and the Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI). In the investigations  performed, 25 patients were treated with acupuncture whereas other 25 patients were treated with stimulated acupuncture. These two types are performed in six session. The treatment was completed in 2-3 weeks.

From the research done it revealed that the first 25 patient showed better results than the second one. Hence it was studied that the patients in the first case showed the symptoms of fatigue and anxiety. But the common activities and and similar habits. The patients experienced a good treatment and were responding well to the given treatment.

Detail study proved that most of the women and whites were the victims of this disease, may be due to the geographic conditions.

The research proved to be beneficial in reducing the FIQ level down. Hence the research has been successful in bringing down the victim level. These results are obtained mainly by using various medication like tricyclic antidepressants, Prozac, Ultram and acetaminophen.