Eyelash Growth Products: Is Really Getting Long Beautiful Eyelashes?

Overview about Eyelash Growth Products?

If you would like longer lashes without having to use any mascara at all. Then you do need to use eyelash growth products. This is because this is what they are exactly designed to do. They will grow you eyelashes that are thick and very beautiful in all the ways that count the most. Eyelash growth products do contain an ingredient that is called latanoprost. Latanoprost was a drug that was once used to treat glaucoma. It used to work mainly by facilitating the outflow of fluid that came from the uveoscleral tracts. Eyelash growth was one of its side effects. It is now known as the main ingredient in eyelash enhancers to lengthen lashes, but also to make them thick and attractive to the eye.

How They Work?


Latanoprost is a prostaglandin analog, and as this specific analog, its central job is to stimulate eyelash growth. There is another prostaglandin analog that is also known to promote eyelash growth and it is called bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is far better for eyelash growth than the latanoprost, but it causes hyperemia, or reddening as a result. Eyelash growth enhancers not only make eyelashes longer, they make them thicker and darker. What started out as vellus hairs, which are thin hairs, now become terminal hairs. Terminal hairs are hairs that are promoted by eyelash growth products and they become more lengthy, noticeable, and thick. The prostaglandin analogs are what promote the existence of these terminal hairs.

Understand The Eyelash Growth Cycle

Eyelashes are something that do grow just like all other hairs on the body do. Your genes have a certain growth cycle embedded within them that is responsible for their growth regularly. Each of its hair follicles will grow many hairs during one’s lifetime. Each of these individual hair follicles can grow up to 20 new hairs on the average. The growth phases for eyelashes are staggered to prevent periods of eyelash baldness, if and when, the growth cycle does stop.

Minimize Irritation to Make Eyelashes Grow

Eyelashes are something that are meant to be more than just long and appealing to the eye. The served to protect the eyes from any form of foreign objects that can harm them. Some of these foreign objects can be sand, bugs, dust, and liquids. You can lessen the irritation to make your eyelashes grow by doing this. You don’t irritation to your eyes or eyelashes. Therefore, the best way to lesson irritation by applying enhance your eyelashes is to do it at bedtime. Apply the enhancer to the skin line that is right above the upper lashes. Don’t apply it to the lashes themselves.

Follicle Health and Eyelash Growth

Maintaining good follicle health and eyelash growth are things that are normally possible. However, if you have the presence of any existing diseases or disorders that do involve the eyelashes specifically. The follicle health and eyelash growth process is something that may be hindered or not allowed to take place normally. Therefore, the best course of treatment for this, is with the use of some natural help to grow your lashes tips. You should improve your diet from a healthy and nutritious aspect to grow your lashes, fingernails, and hair naturally the best. You can also apply natural lubricants such as olive oil and petroleum jelly to your eyelashes at night and wash it off in the morning. This will help to make them strong. You can also put Vitamin E oil on your eyelashes with an eyelash brush that is clean. You should brush your eyelashes regularly too.

Products for Eyelash Growth

There are several products that are available on the market to promote dark circles under your eyes. However, despite the fact that there are many wonderful products, which can serve to carry out the extension of eyelashes and to thicken them. The products for eyelash growth that you do want for your own eyelashes are those, which focus on boosting eyelash health, and also on protecting the condition of them too. The best products for eyelash growth are those that are natural or organic in make up. This is because natural eyelash growth products are indeed the best option to use.


  • Repair damaged eyelashes
  • Restore eyelashes to full potential
  • Promote growth of new eyelashes completely
  • Make women feel better about themselves
  • Make women feel beautiful about themselves
  • Make women feel attractive on inside and outside


  • Can cause adverse side effects in some women
  • Can stir up sensitivities in certain women
  • Can promote allergies or aggravate existing allergies
  • Can lead to irritation of the skin
  • Can lead to infection of skin in some cases
  • Use of the wrong eyelash growth treatment can be totally wrong in every way for you

Does they Really make Eyelashes Longer?

These eyelash growth products do indeed make lashes longer. If this wasn’t so, there would be a lot of the companies that do make these products very broke, and put them out of business. The market for these eyelash growth products is something very popular and successful. However, it is still highly advised to, only decide to use eyelash growth products that are all natural or organic in approach. This is especially true if you are very sensitive to using products of this nature or have a lot of allergies.


Eyelash products do indeed know how to do their job to promote both longer and beautiful eyelashes. However, discretion and caution is something that should be applied, whenever deciding to use a product of this kind on your existing eyelashes. This is especially true if you are sensitive to a whole lot of things and may be highly allergic as a person. There are a vast number of these products on the market to help a woman improve her looks. However, at the end of the day, it is still important to shop around for just the right eyelash growth product that is for you.