These Symptoms Can Tell You Whether Your Spouse Has Drinking Problem


When you are in a relationship with someone, it is difficult for you to state if your partner has a drinking problem or not. Sometimes you may overreact and they may drink as a normal person, or sometimes you may ignore the signs and they are dealing with an issue.

So how can you tell if they need help, and how to interpret the clues they give you?

The first thing you have to know is that the persons who drink normally do not prefer to spend their time in bars and they do not understand that this habit can affect their health. An alcoholic will function differently[1], they are not able to stop drinking once they poured one cup, and they continue until they feel sick.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, then you should pay attention to some signs, because they can point you out that, your partner is dependent on the chronic consumption of alcohol.

1. They Feel Happy Only When they Drink

Everyone knows that alcohol can up your mood[2], but if your partner states that they are happy when they have a couple of glasses of wine, then this is a sign that they are experiencing bigger problems.

A healthy person will find as source of happiness the moments they spend with their family and friends, the activities they get involved in, their hobbies and the relaxation moments they have together with you.

2. They Want to Get Drunk

This is one of the most alarming signs[3], because if your partner states that they drink because they want to get drunk and they do it repeatedly, then they definitely have a problem.

When someone expresses their desire to get drunk, and they are constantly drinking it is advisable to ask for professional help, because there is little you can do.

You can ask your partner if there is any aspect from your relationship that makes them get drunk and forget about everything, but in case there is not, then this is a serious problem and they need help.

3. They are Quite Tolerant When it Comes to Alcohol

Get Drunk

When it comes to people consuming alcohol their tolerance is determined by their gender, weight and diet, but if you notice that your partner drinks more than their friends, and they do not seem to get drunk, then this may be a sign that they experience a drinking problem.

However, there is no reason to worry because they can get medication assisted treatment therapy.

When a person consumes a large quantity of alcohol and they look normal, it means that they created a tolerance.

4. They Hide When they Drink

They know that they have a problem[4], so they will sneak around when they want to have a cup of their favourite booze.

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Also, they may try to hide the fact that they have been drinking when they come home.
Dishonesty is one of the signs that they understand that it is not right to drink the way they do it, but they cannot control it.

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