Does Foot Odor Upsets You?

Usually one thinks twice to wear a pact shoes as it results to the awful odor of the feet. The foot odor is named in medical terms as bromhidrosis. This is particularly when human feet specifically generate an unpleasant odor. The foot odor is particularly due to the prolonged packed foot, due to which the foot becomes sweaty. When the foot does not come in contact with air for long time it smells very badly.

Our body contains numerous sweat glands especially on the foot soles that produce perspiration containing various by-products of the body metabolism like sodium chloride, fats, minerals, and various acids etc. Certain bacteria, when come in contact with these by-products they produce unpleasant odor and render the skin green.

Remedial Measures

Various medicines are available against this problem. Some of the ailments are lotions, powders, medication and creams that are beneficial to this condition. To be more specific following substances are more effective:

  • Tenia pedis is readily cured by medication like oxistat.
  • Those who suffer from wetty or stinky feet specific lotions like Bromi talc and bromi lotions that are anti-perspirants should be used.
  • To decline the rate of perspiration one should adopt the treatment including paraffin and insoles.
  • One should take care and wash the foot regularly, to avoid this problem.
  • One should use shoes that contain outlets known as breathers as they allow the passage of air in and out the shoes. Thus ultimately declining the unpleasant odor to get block and smell your feet.
  • Always prefer cotton socks that fit you properly. Prefer changing socks in the interval of time especially during sports when one is required to wear it for the whole day.

Thus one is advised to look after the feet adopting the above mentioned remedies.