Depression and Anxiety walks hand in hand

Depression and Anxiety walks hand in hand

Depression and anxiety can be opposite in nature. Certainly, both disorder are often seen to hit a person simultaneously. Depression and anxiety can make a person have low energy, phobias, panic attacks and more. In simple words, a person who is suffering from depression and anxiety will experience the symptoms of nervousness and uneasiness all at the same time. The best thing is that depression and anxiety can be cured and no one has to feel that they have to further live with these disorder. A dejected person will normally experience depression, sadness, anger or desperation. In general the lack of energy and the state of lethargic will be seen in the person. The patient who is suffering from anxiety will feel down to earth and fear in some part of his personal life as it is seen in most of the cases.

Person having anxiety may establish strong anxiousness and this can lead anxiety apparently into physical symptoms such as panic attacks, malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, shaking and more. Both depression and anxiety may affect a person’s potential in maintaining his personal relationships, capability of his work or even have problem from getting out of the bed in the morning. No body is cent percent sure that why a person can have both depression and anxiety. Though, it is known that depression and anxiety is almost 85 percent in people who have major depression are also found to have some sort of anxiety disorder. Among these patient, 35 percent of them will be diagnosed with a panic disorder.

No doubt there are some person who has both depression and anxiety and they have to do lots of work to do to get back to there normal position. Having both depression and anxiety makes strong feeling of each and each can be worst than other. Unfortunately, the mile stone is quite far for those person who are suffering from both depression and as well as anxiety compared to those who are suffering from either depression or anxiety. But the person need not to worry as it is possible to over come from both disorders. To conquer depression and anxiety the individual has to take initiative by consulting a doctor who can treat both. It will be all in vain by treating just the depression or just the anxiety. Both the problems must be treated simultaneously. Several persons who have depression and anxiety frequent result from one of the various anti depressant that are available in the market.

Which medicine has to be prescribed is decided on the grounds of the severity of the depression and the anxiety, person’s overall health, age etc. With respect to medication, the person suffering from depression and anxiety are usually encouraged to start some form of therapy. Therapy helps a person to reach the origin from where the depression and anxiety starts, teaches them them how to get rid of it and helps them to recognize symptoms which could make their depression and anxiety worse. By taking right medication and under going fruitful therapies many people triumph over their depression and anxiety and sets their life to the normal position in a very short span of time.