Dark Circle Under Eyes: Humiliates You!

Dark circles are not directly associated with the medical disorder, but they have connection with health. There appearance on the face can be very irritating and forces the person to be in an embarrassed situation. Approximately each person at least one time pursues dark circle under eyes, and they are generally not permanent. It is found that this dermatological condition is the second highest disorder in the world.

These dark circles on the face are publicly very embarrassing; they gives an older look to a person, also an appearance of an exhausted, strained or even dejected person.

Origin of dark circles:

Among the people there a very widely spread false impression is that fatigue or tiredness is generally the main cause of dark circles.

1. In reality, the most familiar and universal cause is nasal congestion or nasal blockage. When our nose is blocked, veins that habitually drains from the eyes into the nose become dilated and darker.

2. Swelling of eyelid while sleep is one more cause of dark circles under eye. While lying down on the bed or floor, gravity causes fluid to accumulate in the lower eyelids, creating the appearance of shadows beneath the eyes.

3. Dark circles can occur from chronic skin conditions, such as from atopic eczema.

4. There are possibility of dark circles through hereditary transmission.

5. They can appear through natural aging process also.

6. Insufficient sleep is another reason that is not really a cause, but it formulates the dark circles more apparent.

7. More reasons comprises factors, which harms the skin, such as too much ultraviolet A radiation or from smoking cigarettes.

8. Allergic reaction and allergies causes dark circles as a histamine reactions cause dark mark to come into sight under the eyes.

9. Menstruation and pregnancy makes the skin pale. There are many people who connects dark circles with hormones, but their is no connection of dark circles with non-hormonal imbalance.

10. Deficiency of vitamins can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Treatment and prevention

Treatment for stern under eye dark circles is directed at the under mentioned cause, if already known, and may involve bleaching agents and laser therapies.

On the other hand, the excellent way to prevent dark circles under the eyes is to eat appropriate, drink adequate of water and sleep properly. Try to trim down stress and fight with tiredness.

There are numerous beauty products that claims to have remarkable remedial cure for dark circles eyes. Non-prescribed cosmetics may be beneficial to diminish dark circles under eyes. Seek out some skin creams that contains vitamin K or C, kinetin and alpha hydroxy acid.

Cosmetic surgery to remove dark circles under the eyes:

There are a few cosmetic procedures that involve the means of lasers to intensify the deep collagen layers in the skin, thus revivifying the skin’s surface to remove dark circles. Laser treatment can coagulate the skin by increasing collagen production, so there are very less possibility to notice vein around the eyes.

A method known as blepharoplasty actually eliminate skin under the eyes and draws the remaining rigid skin to help get rid of bags and dark circles. It is a very high-priced procedure and it requires recovery time and it have some risks involved in it.