Curing And Avoiding Heart Problems

The research on , “Dropping the Human Impact of High Blood Pressure,” looked at the number of strokes, heart attacks, deaths that could be avoided every year if all authority were actively treated their high blood pressure. As it was discovered that proper treatment of high blood pressure can prevent up to 6,000 deaths in Los Angeles alone.“Presently, two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries have hypertension, which puts millions of seniors at risk annually,” according to Dr. Paul Anthony, chief medical officer for Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. “Yet, for most people, high blood pressure can be controlled.”

High blood pressure has got no symptoms. If you are at risk, you should be examined regularly by your medical doctor. Self-tests at pharmacy and convenient stores are useful, but may not be totally consistent. Get tested if you are above 60, if you smoke, if you intake lot of salt, if you live a high-stress lifestyle or if you pursue from diabetes.

Nationwide, the study found that about a quarter of senior citizens with hypertension can easily manage their condition with proper treatment. Active treatment  includes proper diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and taking prescription medications in consultation with a doctor.

The study shows that diseases often associated with age are not simply inevitable consequences of getting older. With the help of a doctor, these diseases  can actually be sometimes cured, controlled and prevented.

One benefactor of the study was the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PRMA), an association representing the country’s foremost pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies. Members are dedicated to inventing medicines that allow patients to live longer, healthier and more productive lives and are leading the way in the search for new treatment