Curative Measures Against Ulcers

Usually Doctors prefer following steps before diagnosing ulcer patient:

  • The patient’s medical record and state of health is considered according to the age.
  • Patients mental state is studied regarding allergic problems and medication procedures.
  • It is very important to know the stage of ulcer.
  • Patients opinion regarding the ulcer treatment is also considered.

The most important thing is to study the ultimate cause of any disease and avoid the things that cause it. Ulcers are caused due to extreme acid production that is due to the spicy food. The ultimate food is not suggested specifically for ulcers. As the exact reason behind the ulcer formation is not yet clear it is believed to cause due to accumulation of acid. Therefore one should avoid intake of spicy food. The studies prevailed that even smoking can increase ulcer formation, as it detains the curing of ulcer and increases the possibility of re occurrence. Ulcer patient is advised to stop practicing smoking and avoid spicy food.

Different types of medication regarding ulcer treatment are provided to the patient. Different medicines for ulcers are available in the market, out of which the common one is H2 blockers which blocks the acid formation and prevents formation of ulcers. The main role of these drugs is to minimize the production of acid produced by the stomach. It causes the blockage of histamine that stimulates the production of acids and ultimately ulcers. The pump inhibitors are also the preventive drugs used against ulcers. Some bacteria destroy the mucous substances produced by the body which protects the walls from acid. It is important to save this protective coating of mucous substances by adopting the fruitful medication of acid pump inhibitors. Hence we can say that bacteria are responsible for ulcer formation. And accordingly the doctors prescribe antibiotics together with the other treatment.

Approximately in all the cases of ulcers, this treatment has proved fruitful in healing ulcers. Hence if adequate remedial measures are adopted, it decreases the chance of reoccurrence of ulcers. In many extreme cases this curative method is out of work. So to avoid a further complication, surgery is performed that remains the ultimate solution.