Caution! Filler Injections Are Hazardous To Treat Dark Circles

By freshly received some reports of serious complications occurring in people who have had soft tissue fillers like Collagen and some similar types which are injected into their eyelids to remove dark circles under the eyes and other lower eyelid aging changes. Even though the organizations that manufacture the soft tissue fillers specifically recommend that surgeons and doctors not inject soft tissue fillers into the eyelid area, many of then are ignoring these cautioning and injecting these fillers into the lower eyelid of patients to remove dark circles under the eyes.

Until now patients have described visible lumps on the eye and cheek area and major swelling of the eyelids and have been told by their doctors that nothing can be done to fix the problem.

Eyelid renovation, that is removing of puffiness or eye bags of the lower eyelid and dark circles under the eyes are one of the most repeated complaints of patients in search for plastic surgery. The most efficient and generally recommended choice to remove aging of the eyelid is a plastic surgery operation called a blepharoplasty . When accurately performed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon on an properly selected patient, the blepharoplasty can safely produce excellent rejuvenation of both the upper and lower eyelids.

Many people still want to get rid of dark circles under the eyelids and revive the eyelid form but want to avoid surgery and are having soft tissue filler injections into the eyelid to plump up the dark circles. The theory is that if soft tissue filler is injected below the dark circle, the filler will plump up the dark circle and make it less evident. The procedure can be successful but it is a impermanent solution unlike blepharoplasty , which is a permanent solution.

The trouble still is that soft tissue filler injection into the eyelid is, in my opinion, a potentially very dangerous procedure, and the companies that make the soft tissue fillers recommend against it.

The most important risk is that the filler could be inadvertently injected into one of the blood vessels that feed into or drain the eyeball and if this were to occur the eye could potentially be injured and blindness could result. Poorer, an inexperienced doctor could inadvertently inject the filler directly into the eye causing serious harm.

In some instances the doctors who are doing soft tissue filler injections into the eyelid have had no training in surgery of the eyelids and do not own the intimate knowledge of eyelid anatomy that is required to be doing invasive procedures on the eyelids. Even Ophthalmologists, the eye specialists use special care when injecting with needles around the eye.

Possibly in the future controlled clinical studies will be reported which illustrate the benefits and safety of injecting soft tissue fillers around the eyelid. For the moment, however, the reports from patients who have had complications following this technique are an early warning and should be noticed.

If you have dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, most of the expert suggests to rely on the wrinkle cream, as they are the best and the safest mode to get rid from these situations.