Causes for Obesity

There are numerous of causes and reasons that are responsible for obesity. But all these reasons eventually hits down one specific cause that is low amounts of calories are burned as compared to amount of food consumed. A person becomes obese when he or she gains weight tremendously. This causes as many people eat more then they require due to number of reasons.

The key factor for obesity is age. As the person moves towards aging, the metabolism rate of the body goes down and you one can experience gain in weight. It is seen that mainly those people who are least bothered about what they are eating? Those who eat as they want and according to their wish often suffer from weight gain.

The other thing that one should note is that along with increase in weight one may perhaps experience physical and mental changes that usually occur. As the age proceeds day by day many chemical and physical changes that one may experience also leads to more weight gain. Along with the age body’s metabolism rate also goes sluggish, which causes accumulation and permanent deposits of fats. Age factor causes obesity considerably as it makes obese person less active. Along with this, it also increases the sedentary activities that make you more obese.

In addition the other causes like environmental factor is also responsible for obesity. A person living in particular type of environment becomes accustomed with those living and eating habits. The way you eat and live contributes totally to obesity.

Sedentary habits or lack of exercise is also responsible for excessive weight gain and obesity. As we are know that lack of exercise make you obese and overweight. This is so as the body does not burn enough of food that is consumed. The extra food is stored in form of fats and obesity appears. This means that there is lack of exercise and physical activity to burn fats. Most of the developed states like America, people live with sedentary habits that contributes in high level of fats in the body that causes obesity to occur.

Fortunately obesity can be successfully by following tricks of two that is eat less and exercise more.

Obesity also depends on gender. Women are found to be more overweight and obese than men as they possess slow metabolism rate as compared to men. In female, usually after menopause metabolism slows down causing many post- menopausal women to put on a few pounds. Obesity also may be genetics. Studies have revealed that even genes are responsible for obesity. This does not guarantee that obese person have obese parents. This means that genetics responsible for obesity may increase the chances of obesity and fatness. If we consider genes, it may play its role in making fat and obese. But on the other hand, it is possible to for anyone to lose weight permanently and healthily. Losing weight permanently needs to carry out great efforts and hard schedule with weight loss programs. There is certain physical illness that also plays a key role in reducing weight. Although it is a seldom fact, but most of physical illness may lead you to fatness and overweight. These problems may be hormone problems like hypothyroidism, depression and some rare brain diseases. As constant medication like antidepressants and steroids, may be responsible for gaining unnecessary weight problems.

Some sort of physiological as well as psychological disorder may also give you obese structure of body. Many psychological imbalances are responsible for overeating habits that causes overweight and obesity. The overeating habit refers to the habit of eating when you are not hungry.

As you have very well aware that obesity can be due to number of reasons, you need to keep away from all these things and try to avoid these habits. You can very well make a successful effort in reducing your weight.